Friday, May 2, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

And a very happy Friday to you!
I hope you have as fun of a weekend planned as I do.
  • Getting the worst pedicure I have ever had, that includes a pedicure from a niece when she was around 6.
  • People who air their dirty laundry on Facebook.
  • Attending a going away party and seeing people you haven't seen in over 10 years and trying to recognize who they are.
  • After working in the yard all day, finding a tick on myself.  YIKES
  • Watching a shoplifting bust go down at Target.

  • A girls weekend starting today!
  • Finally getting my deck planted and all the pollen removed.
  • Donating bags of clothing to Goodwill.
  • A beautiful, sunny day in the park with husband.
  • Finally finishing that free high end mascara that you don't really like - but felt compelled to use because it was free.
This outfit is my attempt at trying to stay 
comfortable on a very humid day. 
 It's pretty basic,
 but adding the accessories amped it up 
and the wedges gave it the finishing touch it needed.

 Are 100% humidity days the worst for you?
If not, what is worse?

Gap boyfriend shirt-similar
Loft cargo pants-similar
Loft leather belt-similar
Target wedges-similar
Groopdealz necklace-similar
Anthropologie earrings-similar
Belk bracelet-similar


Brooke said...

I love this casual look, especially how you amped it up a little with the shoes. Comfortable but very pretty. Facebook is so funny that way; people really use it as their therapy which blows my mind. I'm shocked by what some people are willing to broadcast on there. But, to each his own I guess! I'm sticking to the cute kid photos myself. :)

Laura B said...

Love this outfit! It's so fresh looking and your accessories are adorable! Your comment about mascara cracks me up! I feel the need to use free things too, especially if they are 'high end'. Because I should like them if they are high end, otherwise I feel like something is wrong with me! haha!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You always have these wonderful GIRLS weekends...so jealous...but you look great and ready for it!

two birds said...

Have a fabulous girls' weekend!!

pastcaring said...

What a lovely cool and chic outfit, Brett. Love the necklace over the shirt.
Ugh, humidity, I can't deal with it at all! We rarely get very humid conditions here, thank goodness, I would be a total mess!
Facebook... Tell me about it, some people post the oddest things. Do they somehow forget that it's public?
Have a great weekend! xxx

Judy C said...

I love your outfit. And your hair. It's beautiful. I think you should try humidity more often.

Chelsea Woodring said...

Love this outfit, Brett!
As for the tick, well, keep an eye out for them--they're probably going to start coming out in full force because of the warm weather.

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

I hate when I find ticks! I love this simple outfit! The accessories are perfect!
Hope you had a great weekend!

Elle said...

I love this casual outfit on you and I'm so impressed with how you talk to your shirt partially in, and partially out. I know that is the style but when I try it it doesn't always work.
I love those wedges on you and the necklace is gorgeous and gives the outfit so much polish. I am so glad that you found that tick!
I hope the humidity goes away and that you have a wonderful week! Kisses, Elle

Geraldine said...

have a great week Brett. send some Sun and warmth up here ok...I'm fed up with the rain.

your outfit is great as usual.

LyddieGal said...

Oh god yes, nothing is worse than 100% humidity! Hope you weekend was far more awesome than awkward, and I hope you had fun shopping for some new mascara that you actually love.
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