Friday, May 23, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Friday!
I hope you have an awesome holiday weekend planned.
  • Not watching the final of Grey's Anatomy because you are waiting to watch it with husband.  You are dying to watch.  Husband watches it without you.
  • Son1 having his GPS stolen out of his car.
  • The annual lady parts doctor visit.
  • When your entire big toenail just falls off.
  • The mom at the LONG check out line at Old Navy who was more interested in taking away her son's balloon and watching him have a melt down, than actually checking out.
  • Eating the very first watermelon of the season!
  • A new eyeshadow palette...Two Faced Romantic palette
  • When you drop your cellphone, but pull out one of those - where did that move come from moves and catch it before it hits the floor.
  • That moment when you get a phone call on Viber.  
  • A long holiday weekend.
A bit of a patriotic vibe going on with this outfit.
I love the classic navy and white look 
the surprise of a little leopard thrown in.
Easy, breezy look for the weekend.

Let's here about your awkward or awesome moments this week in the comment section.

Kohl's sweater-similar
Gap Boyfriend shorts-similar
Betsey Johnson sneakers-here
Versona necklace-similar here
Gifted nautical watch-similar here
Gifted link bracelet-similar
Gifted rope bracelet-similar


Laura B said...

Those are such great shorts! And I love them paired with classic navy. Oh man, it was tough waiting for my husband so I could watch Grey's too but at least he didn't watch it without me!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I really like the top...and the shorts! That has happened to me in the past...with the husband...I understand the frustration! Have a great holiday weekend, Brett!

Cheryl Dewees said...

Navy and white is so classic and fresh. One of my favorite combos!


Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit said...

Such a cute pair of short! Have a great weekend!

Susan Jeffries said...

Great sweater!! I actually just ordered a Too Faced product and am so excited to try that line! I have to ask - what is Viber? I need an education;) Susan

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

I could talk about my first day at my new job last week when I lost my car in the parking deck and locked myself in the stairwell, but it's nothing compared to having your hubby watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy without you. Totes sleep on the couch moment, there!

Striped shorts. I likes :)

pastcaring said...

Love the cool navy and white look, Brett. Eek to the toenail! I had a great weekend, thanks, it was awesome to meet up with old friends again. xxx

LyddieGal said...

Your husband is so rude! Hope you enjoyed the final all the same without him and had a really great long weekend!
Chic on the Cheap

awhite said...

You look so cute and summer-ready! Love the leopard slip-ons. :)


Elle said...


Loving these striped short and that cool, textured sweater is the perfect add on.
This reads too cool for nautical!
XX, Elle

Elle said...

Oh Brett, I forgot to say I am sorry about your son having his GPS stolen, that stinks .
XX, Elle