Friday, June 13, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Hope your Friday the 13th isn't scary or treacherous in anyway!!
  • Parked my car at the neighborhood across the street from my house to walk around their pond.  Came back to car with a big warning on windshield that next time I trespassed my car would be towed.
  • Trying a new face wash product that promised a refreshing, clean feeling.  What I got was a burning, red face!
  • When all the summer items at Hobby Lobby are on clearance and they are putting out Christmas merchandise.
  • Being on autopilot in the car and suddenly realizing you need to be going the other direction.
  • Forgetting there are towels in the washer for 2 days!
  • The new fan in our bedroom that is uber quiet and our room no longer sounds like an airport with planes taking off.  
  • Thank you Netflix for feeding my TV binge watching addiction.
  • Father's Day this weekend.
  • A friend's husband received a heart for his transplant yesterday!!
  • When you think you are redeeming grocery points for a gas card promotion and the check out lady tells you that you have enough points for 10 gas cards.
This outfit is brought to you by Target. 
 This shirt is from last year 
and I got these adorable crochet shorts in the spring.
  I have just been waiting to wear them.

Let's hear about your awkward or awesome moments in the comment section.
Target top-similar
Target shorts-similar 
Simply Vera sneakers-here
Baublebar necklace-here
Poppy Boutique watch-here


Elle said...

Those crochet shorts are simply divine ! I can see why you would be happy to wear them. I also love Netflix.
I rally love this look on you,
XX, Elle

LyddieGal said...

Yikes! talk about your passive aggressive notes!

Love the shorts, glad you finally had a chance to wear them, and have a great weekend!
Chic on the Cheap

two birds said...

Tresspassing??? Wow! The awesomes definitely outweigh the awkwards, though!!

Geraldine said...

Be careful with the facial products Brett, ouch...
I go organic and as natural as possible these days, for all my cosmetics, etc.

I love the shirt you have on, so soft and dreamy looking. You have such gorgeous clothes.