Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Simple For Summer

As the summer heats up it gets harder to not just want to put on a pair of running shorts and tank and call it a day.
Throw your hair in a pony tail and smear on some tinted moisturizer sounds very appealing sometimes doesn't it?
Here is an alternative outfit to that. 
 No fuss, no muss and looks much cuter
 than running shorts and a tank.
A scarf can be too hot for the summer sometimes,
 but this one is super light weight
 and feels like it is barely there.

Remember it takes just as long to dress either way,
 so why not opt for the cuter version?

Are you finding it harder to get dressed as the temperature starts to climb?

Gap t-shirt-here
Old Navy shorts-here
Ruche' scarf-similar
Madden Girl sandals-similar
Poppy Boutique watch-here
Gifted earrings-similar


pastcaring said...

Dresses are always the easy option for me in hot weather. It makes me laugh when people say they don't have time to "get dressed up"; I'm sure it takes me no longer to throw on a frock than it takes anyone else to get dressed in the morning!
You look sporty and cute, Brett, such pretty colours. xxx

two birds said...

I love easy dressing for summer...just a dress and cute heels is what I normally go with! I love your easy breezy outfit!

Allie said...

Great summer look! This is super inspirational!

Elle said...

This is a great point Brett,
With just a bit of thought one can upgrade and outfit with no fuss at all . Love the scarf on you, and the colors of this outfit are divine.
XX, Elle