Friday, July 25, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

It's Friday Ya'll!!!
Time for some awkward and awesome.
  • When you grab the family size carton of oatmeal by the lid and it comes off spilling the almost full container all over the floor.
  • Wondering why your friend was taken back for her massage and you are still in the waiting room.  They were looking for a dude and no one thought to ask what my name was.
  • The very amorous couple taking selfies at the bar, but really just needed to go get a room.
  • Taking your dog for a walk after a downpour and busting your a$$ in the mud.  
  • Going the wrong way in the parking garage that is one way only.
  • Best Bloody Mary evah!
  • Just walking up and getting seated right away at a very popular restaurant that almost always requires a reservation.
  • Unaware when you booked your hotel that it had a shuttle to take you anywhere you needed to go.
  • Son2 who is 2 months away from being 21 not being asked for his id when a pitcher of sangria was ordered for the table.
  • People watching in Charleston at the Waterfront Park.
 Keeping it simple and casual today. 
 Missing my leopard sneakers,
 so I built this outfit around them.
Easy look for running errands
 and shopping for new coffee mugs.

Let's hear about your awkward and awesome moments this week in the comments.

Old Navy top-similar
Old Navy shorts-similar
Betsey Johnson sneakers-here
BaubleBar necklace-similar
Ruche' bracelets-similar


two birds said...

I love your awesomes today!! I hope they continue throughout the weekend!

Laura B said...

Coral and leopard is such a great combination! And hurray for getting in at a popular restaurant! That was awesome luck! Happy weekend!

Rachel Lynne said...

This is a super cute look! I LOVE your shorts and leopard sneakers! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Elle said...

Love this look, the leo kicks are so cool with the short and great coral top. Love that you got a free shuttle!
xx, Elle

pastcaring said...

You look so pretty in coral - and a bit of leopard print is always welcome!
Ooh, I love a good Bloody Mary! When I was in the park with the kids, there was a very amorous young couple engaged in a super-lengthy smooch - my littlest couldn't take her eyes off them and kept giggling! Didn't put them off though... xxxx