Friday, October 3, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy TGIF ya'll!
  • When you have ice cream in the car and you run into another store just for a moment and get caught by someone you know that wants to chat.
  • Is it me?, or are the car parking spaces getting smaller???
  • I had an awkward grill moment which I can't elaborate on because husband reads this blog and I don't want to get yelled at.
  • When someone is talking to you, but you think they are talking to someone else and you just stand there like an idiot.
  • Getting 4 splinters in my hand at once and not pulling them all the way out the first time.  Tweezers are miniature torture devises.
  • When the predicted rain stays away for you outdoor party.
  • Having one of your BFF's come to town and stay with you for a few days
  • My new bungee cord charger for my phone.
  • Husband returning home after being away for 10 days.
  • Hiking with your girlfriends.
 Trying to dress for this crazy weather is challenging. 
 I have on a sleeveless chambray shirt for when the heat sets in.
  A little subtle pattern mixing to boot.

Any awkward or awesome moments you want to share this week?

Loft shirt-here
Loft sweater-similar
Gap jeans-here
Betsey Johnson sneakers-here
Groopdealz necklace-similar
bracelets-here, here and here


two birds said...

Four splinters at once? Ouch! But at least all of your awesomes are totaley awesome. I love this casual look. I need some leopard slip-ons. Everyone has them and I love them!

Susan Jeffries said...

I love the leopard paired with stripes. My favorite patterns to mix! And yes to hiking any time!! Susan

Laura B said...

Those slip on sneakers are so cute! I love them with the stripes!