Friday, October 10, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

It's a beautiful Fall Friday around here.
I think Fall is probably my favorite season, so I will be soaking it up as much as possible!
  • When you and your friend's 7 mile hike turns into a 9 mile hike because you got lost.
  • Being totally prepared and on the ball planning a crockpot meal and then about 5:00, realizing I turned on the crockpot, but never plugged it in!
  • Passing by a house in your neighborhood and you are convinced they are shooting an episode of Hoarders there.  
  • Your friend busts you on cutting your own bangs because you have "bang trimmings" on your face.
  • A neighbor leaves a community water bowl out for dogs on walks, your dog takes a drink and then promptly pees in the bow.
  • Finding a beloved lipstick and lip gloss in a purse you haven't used for awhile.
  • Your friend making you not only the cutest box lunch you have ever seen, but one of the yummiest as well.
  • Discovering the perfect pair of gold metallic sneakers in my size for $16.
  • All the fun Halloween and Fall decorations going up in my neighborhood.
  • Switching out your sandals and flip flops for boots and booties.  Let boot season officially begin!
 My pants have a tiny pinstripe on them which
 I loved pairing with my camo shirt. 
 Great example of subtle pattern mixing. 
 I am also loving the camo paired with the Oxblood/Garnet, 
whatever the name of this color is this year.
  It is such a great color combo.

I would love to hear about some of your awkward or awesome moments in the comments.


Ginny said...

The dog bowl thing is the worst! Yay for boots and this shirt is so fun today too. : )

two birds said...

The crock pot thing is TOTALLY something I would do! And LOL about your dog. OOPS! Have a great weekend!

Shon said...

These are always so fun! So glad you and your friend found your way after being lost.

I love this bracelet and the pinstripe detail...sneaky, sneaky.

Enjoy your Fall weather!

Laura B said...

That dog bowl one made me crack up! And I have been there with the crock pot meal! Now i have one that beeps when I turn it on!

Elle said...

LOVE the subtle pattern mixing, it is very chic and relaxed on you.
I would be proud if I could cut my own bangs and have them look like yours!
Now the dog bowl thing...hmm. i think I will keep my doggie away from those.
I agree, I love boots and booties, they are so comfortable!
xx, Elle

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

I love this camo look! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

that too funny about your dog.

LyddieGal said...

You always have the funniest things happen to you! Your crazy dog!
Glad you had a beautiful fall weekend, we had a ton of rain.
Chic on the Cheap

Susan Jeffries said...

That is too funny! One of our dogs pees in other people's water bowls too!! Yuck! I love this top! Cute look today! Susan

Susan Shull said...

The Crockpot thing...awkward, and so me! Hope you weren't expecting guests. BOOTS!!!!!!