Friday, October 17, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Hello all you cool cats out there!
I hope you are having some lovely sweater weather and have a fun weekend planned.
  • The teeny tiny little old lady trying to maneuver here 1980's circa Lincoln Town Car around the parking lot.
  • When my neighbor across the street decided it would be a good idea to run his giant cement saw at 7:30 in the morning to cut up his driveway.
  • Not just butt dialing someone; butt FaceTiming someone.
  • When someone remembers you, but you don't remember them.
  • Son1 and I trying to move a couch.  Just think the infamous Friends episode...pivot, pivot, pivot.
  • Speaking of Friends- did you know that on New Year's Day it will be available on Netflix!
  • When you didn't factor in really bad traffic, but you made it on time anyway.
  • Remembering a password you haven't used in a very long time.
  • Not only is my cute little lemon tree still alive, but the lemons are beginning to turn from green to yellow.
  • Son2 turns 21 on Saturday!!!  Let the celebration begin.
I have been loving getting out the scarves
 and pairing them with lightweight sweaters. 
 This is just a very easy, casual look
 with interest created with pattern and texture.
  I added pops of pink just to throw in a little color.

Let's hear about any awkward or awesome moments you had this week
 in the comment section.


Andrea Tabler said...

Super cute outfit! Love your blog :)

Curtise said...

The scarf looks great with the sweater. I'm chuckling at the Butt-timing! xxx