Thursday, October 30, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Halloween!
I hope it is spooktacularly awesome.
  • The mystery stain that showed up on the carpet and walls that no one will admit to. 
  • Realizing you never put mascara on at the end of the day when you are washing your face.
  • When the person that uses the last of the toilet paper doesn't replace the roll.
  • Forgetting about all the acorns that have fallen and going outside barefoot.  Those little suckers hurt when you step on them.
  • When a dude flags you down to tell you that your gas cap is off and the little door to the gas tank is open.
  • Walking in the Out of the Darkness Walk to help raise awareness of depression and suicide.
  • Watching son1 drum during a drumStrong event.
  • When you are driving down the road and leaves of gold, red and orange start falling like a snow storm.
  • Husband bringing home flowers.
  • Halloween candy!  Anyone else pretty sure that will be in a candy coma by tomorrow morning?
 I am loving this neutral look for fall.
  Boots, a scarf, cords and a chunky sweater.
  Autumn dressing at it's best.

Have a great Halloween!


two birds said...

Happy Halloween!!!

Andrea Tabler said...

I LOVE your outfit! Where I live, it's not even close to cool enough for that cute fall ensemble. Your have great style :)

Laura B said...

Love those neutral tones on you! One of my favorite parts of fall is just driving to work and admiring the pretty colors!

Charming Lucy said...

That sweater is perfect! I can see it styled so many ways!! Love it! And maybe we can start a support group for those of us whose family member don't know how to change a toilet paper roll;) Susan

Elle said...

Love the cable and pointelle sweater and this perfect neutral palette! I am sorry about those sore feet, i have done the same with those acorns!
Happy about your son playing though, that must have been truly awesome!
xx, Elle

Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit said...

Yes for Halloween candy! This neutral look is great!

Michelle Lyndon-Dykes said...

Loving the neutral combination you've got going on. I'm not usually a fan of neutrals but you're rocking it!