Friday, November 21, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Friday Ya'll!
I hope you had an awesome week.
  • When you place an order online and you don't realize you already have items in your cart from when you were "pretend" shopping and those get ordered as well.
  • When a pink sharpie gets left open on your sheets and you come to bed to a giant ink stain in the middle of the bed.
  • You know you need coffee in the morning when you completely forget to put the mug under the Keurig and it takes you a few seconds to realize it.
  • Opening the glass doors on the milk aisle and hear someone calling your name.  Finally you realize the guy outside the doors is calling to the guy behind the doors stocking the milk.
  • When you can't find the can of Static Guard from last winter, so you wipe yourself and your clothes down with a dryer sheet and you smell like a dryer sheet for the rest of the day.
  • Getting to the new Outlet Mall before the crowds explode next week.
  • Son2 coming home a day earlier than expected for Thanksgiving.
  • Finally getting something free from your loyalty card.
  • When you have a conversation about your home town with the dude behind the fish counter at the grocery store.
  • When there are enough left overs in the fridge that you don't have to cook dinner.
 So, I am wearing my favorite color combo again here.
  I just can't get enough of it.
Have you tried this pink, burgundy and leopard combo yet??  

Let's hear about your awkward and awesome moments in the comments.

Ralph Lauren leopard blouse-similar here and here
J.Crew striped sweater-similar here and here
Gap cords-similar here and here
Old Navy booties-here
Vera Wang necklace-similar here
Kate Spade bracelet-here
Handpicked bracelet-similar here
Boutique bracelet-similar here


two birds said...

I love the stripes over the leopard. What a fun and unexpected combo! And how fun that your son came home early!

Darcy said...

Love your pattern mixing!

Curtise said...

I'm a fan of leftovers, freebies, and leopard print with anything! You look lovely. xxx

Elle said...

Yes, you know I love this combo, but I have never seen it was such a deep and rich stripe. This is my absolute favorite of all of the leopard mixing prints, I have seen to date!
I can te,aye to your coffee moment....
Xx, Elle

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

I have worn this combo before and I love it! Looks perfect on you!

Kelsey Bang said...

you rock the stripes! so cute with the leopard print! great outfit!