Friday, February 13, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Valentine's Eve!
I hope you get all the chocolate and flowers that your heart desires this weekend.
  • Going to the grocery store with dilated eyes after an eye exam.
  • Not being able to figure out how to open the DVD player to put in a DVD.
  • Desperately wanting to help a lady and her husband in the dressing room with fashion advice.  I did get the courage to tell her to wear spanx after the husband told her not to wear any underwear under her extremely form fitting dress!
  • The things I found when cleaning out my home office this week for my organization challenge.  A Blockbuster card, a first generation iphone box, a Celine Dion CD and travel documents from 2003.
  • When the line at Ikea is longer on a weekday than the weekend.  Note to Ikea, it helps to have more than 3 checkouts available!
  • Finally going back to a store to get an item you have been obsessing about since the last time you were at that store and didn't get it.
  • Husband bringing home treats from his trip to San Francisco.  
  • Going to a friend's art showing.
  • Shopping with one of your BFF's to help her find a dress to wear to her son's wedding.
  • Little Valentine's Day treats all week !
Red and Leopard...a perfect combo in my opinion. 
 I love the denim jacket added to the mix for a more relaxed look.  
A good old fashion arm party just adds to the fun of this outfit.

I would love to hear about your awkward or awesome moments in the comments.

Marshall's sweater-similar here and here
Levi's denim jacket-here 
Old Navy jeans-similar here and here
Matisse boots-similar here and here
Gap scarf-similar here and here
Michael Kors watch-here
Bangle bracelets-similar here
Kate Spade bangle-here
gifted bangle-similar here

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Geraldine said...

very nice! hope it was a sweet Valentine's day for you Brett.