Friday, February 20, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Hello, is anyone out there???
Or are you all hibernating away until the sun and the warm weather appear again???
  • When the city shuts down because of an ice/snow storm.
  • When son2 misses the train because they texted him it would be 2 hours late, but the train left only an hour after he received the text.
  • Getting out paint to touch up a wall and the paint has become hard as a rock.  
  • Thinking it was a good idea to take a road trip during the ice/snow storm.
  • Having to move to another room in your hotel because the heater is blowing out freezing cold air
  • Watching the neighborhood kids having a blast sledding down your cul-de-sac.
  • When your neighbor shares cookies she baked.
  • Running into an old friend when you are out running errands.
  • Freshening up some home decor.
  • Cowboy boots and sweatpants...that's all I'm sayin'.
It's just down right frigid around here.
  We are not used to this kind of weather.
  I mean what good is a cute outfit
 if you have to cover it up
 with a big ole puffy coat????

Have you had any awkward or awesome moments due to this crazy weather?

Gap shirt (men's)-similar here and here
Gap sweater-similar here and here
Gap jeans-here
Guess booties-similar here and here
Steve Madden sunnies-similar here
Onecklace monogram necklace-here
Michael Kors watch-here
Kate Spade bangle-here
Gifted bracelet-similar here
Bow ring-similar here


Chelsea Woodring said...

I absolutely love this outfit! You look adorable.

two birds said...

Well, at least you can share this cute look on the blog! I love it! Stay warm and Happy Friday!

Geraldine said...

Great outfit Brett but do hope it warms up for you soon. Brrrr...sounds cold there!

Have a great weekend, G