Friday, July 10, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Oh Friday, it's good to see you again!
Will this weekend seem blah to you after last weekend?

  • Last weekend on our way to the lake we had to make a pit stop.  A fireworks store happened to be next door.  There was a line almost completely around the building to get in.  
  • Ordered son2 some pants online and they arrived with the security monitor on them.
  • Getting behind a moped on the street and not being able to get into other lane, because no one else wanted to go 15 miles an hour either.
  • Experimenting with snapchat and searching it on Instagram.  Up popped pictures of boobies, other lady parts and lots of men parts.  YIKES!!!
  • Husband paddle boarding, dropping his paddle when he fell off and paddle promptly sinking to the bottom of the lake.
  • Perfect day at the lake.
  • Surprise visit from son1.
  • Friend bringing by a Chick fil a diet lemonade for no reason at all.
  • When it's raining, but the sun is also shining.
  • Finding an awesome summer drink recipe.  Watermelon-Lime Margarita  Click here for recipe.
I hadn't worn my tulle skirt in awhile 
and felt like pulling it out. 
 I paired it with a t-shirt for a casual, summer look. 
 I added a statement necklace just for a pop of glam.

I would love to hear about your awkward or awesome week in the comments.

Gifted Tshirt-similar here and here
Free People skirt-similar here and here
DSW sandals-similar here and here
Ily Couture bracelet-here
Groopdealz necklace-similar here
Old Navy ring-similar here

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Heather said...

That skirt is super cute - love the flow :)