Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Can't Stop ~ Won't Stop

Pattern mixing is just in my nature!
I love everything about it.
I even love that sometimes it works
 and sometimes it doesn't.
 To me, that's the beauty of it. 
 To let your own creativity shine and 
not worry about what is in or out at the moment.
If you are confident, then that is what shines through.
  I might not be confident in other areas of my life,
 but I can be confident in my style choices 
if I feel comfortable and self assured in my outfit.  
It doesn't matter if other people like my choices! 
 It's how I feel inside
 and that always translates 
to positive on the outside!!

Wear what you like and go forth and be bold and creative.

Target top
Gap trousers
Old Navy Sandals
c/o Onecklace monogram necklace
online pendent

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