Friday, October 21, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

This has been an awesome week.
Not only did I have my 6 year blogiversary,
my youngest turned 23 and we bought a house on the lake.
  • Cleaning up dead tree debris and literally getting "ants in my pants!"
  • Wearing a V-neck t-shirt when doing demo work on a house.
  • Having to put a muzzle on your dog because he misbehaves at the vet.
  • When the Mr. leaves the house early to go work out and leaves his phone behind and the alarm goes off at 5:15.  He may be a morning person, but I am NOT!
  • Wearing this long cardi and not realizing it was hanging out of the car door the whole time I was driving.
  • Well, of course...getting a lake house.
  • Being able to jump in the lake to cool off after doing some rough demo work.
  • The beautiful wood ceiling that was under the ugly ceiling tiles in our lake house.
  • Having a kangaroo burger for the 1st time.  It really was good!
  • Watching the sun set over the lake.
A fun rainy day look. 
 I am loving the long cardi's that are so popular right now. 
 Just be careful not to shut your car door on the end of it.
I added some flair by layering two different statement necklaces.
Who says you have to dress blah on a rainy day???

As I mentioned, we purchased a lake home,
 but it needs major renovation work. 
 We are doing A LOT of it ourselves. 
Just call us Chuck and Joanna.
 I may be blogging much more sporadically for a while. 
 I won't be very fashion forward in my renovation clothes!

Have a an awesome weekend ya'll.

Gap shirt and jeans
Target cardigan
Hunter boots
Marshall's necklaces

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Shon said...

Hey, it has been a awhile. Congratulations on your son turning 23 and the purchase of your lake house! Exciting times on your end.

Have a wonderful week and keep your cardigan in the car! LOL, I am sure I will do the same thing when I wear my long cardi! ;)