Friday, October 22, 2010

A Girl Named - Brett

All week I have been emailing back and forth with someone setting up a volunteer opportunity.  In one of my emails I expressed an interest in what I would like to do.  The lovely person emailed me back saying that was nice, but that they could really use a man in the back to move and haul things around.  I just shook my head and emailed her back that I was indeed a woman and not a man.  This is certainly not the first time that has happened, nor will it be the last.  Just last month I was called to jury duty and the complete process of questioning potential jurors ( of which I was one) came to a crashing halt because they were looking for Brett, the man juror!  

The crazy thing is that there has never NOT been a woman named Brett.  There are at least two semi-celebrity women with that name.  Brett Butler (what ever happened to her anyway?)  I mean she had her own sitcom in the 90's.  If you are of an age, and watched any game show in the 70's you have heard of Brett Summers, x-wife of Jack Klugman.  Of, course there is Brett Main in John Jakes book, North and South.  So, my point is ~ why just assume I am a guy?  If my name were Taylor or Morgan or Logan you wouldn't assume that would you?

So having said that, I felt the need to wear a girly color yesterday.  I pulled out this sweater, which is more peachy than pink, but still a girly color.  I got it this spring, so I wanted to make it more fall like.  I thought that by putting the navy cami underneath, it gave the look just the edge it needed to look like a fall piece.
Then I added some harder jewelry to complete the look.  Normally, I would have worn jewelry with a softer color palette.
What is your opinion?  Was I successful in transitioning my soft spring colored sweater into a look for fall?

sweater-ATL-this spring-sale $20
navy cami-Banana Republic-sale $14
khaki pants-Gap-about 4 yrs ago $?
oxfords-Aldo-this fall-$50
necklace-ATL-last winter-sale-$25
earrings-Handpicked-long time ago-$?
watch-Fossil-Christmas gift about 5 yrs ago
bracelets-set of 3-gifted, other two are not a set, but each was gifted as well.  People know I love a bracelet!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that my name is Brett too, and I am a girl. I know exactly how you feel. I was actually named after Brett Main in North and South (it was my dad's favorite book). Anyway, I just came across this and thought I'd say hi. Oh and I like the outfit. :D