Monday, November 1, 2010

Are you suffering from a candy hangover today?

Happy Day After Halloween to everyone!  Hope you had a fabulous Halloween night last night.  With plenty of treaters and no trickers.
I also hope you are not suffering from any bad affects from eating your weight in candy as we tend to do on Halloween night!

I admit I got a little nostalgic last night as all the adorable kids came to my door.  My boys are 17 & 19 and there are no more costumes by mommie.   Obviously it has been that way for awhile, but I think now that son1 is away at college it just really hit me last night.  Thankfully I didn't stay nostaligic for long.  We have a great neighborhood and we got hit hard!  It is so much more fun when it happens that way isn't it?!

My good news yesterday was that son2 actually carved pumpkins with me.  He surprised me and was really into it.  The funny thing was that we had our pumpkins facing back to back and decided not to see what the other was doing.  Take a look at the pictures and tell me we are not related.  Each of us went for the same kind of looks on our pumpkins. We were both shocked when we turned them around. 
Great Minds Think Alike
My pumpkin

Son2's pumpkin
Yesterday was another nice cool day.  Yay!  Love it when we actually have fall weather in the fall.
This outfit is a semi-copy cat outfit.  The picture I saw was in InStyle and the girl had on a similar style sweater and scarf with jeans, but I will confess her shoes were way cooler than mine and she had on a great hat.  Well, I will take inspiration where I can get it and now I am not afraid to be a copy cat!

black jeans-White House Black Market-on sale-$66
scarf-Old Navy-$10
shoes-Nine West Store-$45-Nine West


angie said...

My kids are a lot younger but still they grow up quickly so I get nostalgic from time to time.You have a nice sweater on with lovely details.

cuppycakeme said...

I am in LOVE with your jeans! CUTE!