Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Crowds Are Already Out!

Saturday, husband had quite a list of chores he needed to get done, so I decided to head out and do a little Christmas shopping.  I am not really an "ahead of the game" type girl, but I figured what the heck.  I didn't really want to hang around the house and be husband's gopher for the day. 

I decided maybe being gopher for the day wouldn't have been so bad.  It was already CRAZY out there. Stores were packed, traffic was insane and oh yea,  the Christmas Carols.  Don't forget the Christmas Carols.  I did make a little dent in my list, but I decided I need to shop on the weekdays or better yet online.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE Christmas, I am just not a crowd person.  People person, yes - crowd person, no!  You will not see me out on Black Friday. Husband, yes - me, no!  Now, I am not saying I won't be sitting at my computer shopping the deals while in my pajama's, drinking a Starbucks latte, that I will somehow bribe husband to bring me on Black Friday.  In fact that sounds like a plan!

Now that I have my Black Friday plans all worked out, on to
The Outfit of the Day
Decided to just keep it casual and comfy for a day of power shopping.
Boy, was that a good decision.

Are you loving that Zebra belt???  Walmart, BABY!  I was passing by the accessory area trying to get to the electronics and there it was, just calling my name.

love sweater-Old Navy-coupon-$20
white ruffled henley-Land's End-$24
jeans-GAP-trade in-$45
tennis shoes-Target-$22.50-Converse
zebra belt-Walmart-$8
watch-Francesca's-$18 (sadly, I lost this watch.  I went to check the time and it was just not on my arm anymore.)  I am very sad. :(

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fashionoverfifty said...

God, is it starting already? I'm so depressed...I'll go to some remote place before I'll deal with crowds..thank god fore the internet!
Cute outfit; love the cuffs on the jeans and cute sneakers!

Anonymous said...

Brett--this outfit looks so comfy. I like how you have cuffed the jeans and the zebra belt with the gray Converse! I don't ever cuff my jeans this way, but it's such a simple trick. Are these jeans lined? I seem to detect a pattern.

I was out and about yesterday myself and found crowds Christmas shopping the thrift stores! Like you, I will avoid black Friday at ALL costs.

silvergirl said...

The jeans are printed with a print of birds flying on the inside of the jeans

I like the idea of cuffing because then I can wear them with heels uncuffed and cuffed with flats and tennis shoes!