Sunday, November 14, 2010

Either you are born with it or not

     I think people have it in their personalities to either be a fashion/style junkie or not.  I have friends that hate to shop.  In my world that is just crazy talk.  I have other friends that walk into their closet and just freeze, especially if they have to go to an event.  Again, unimaginable to me.  I might wish there were more options, but I can usually find something that will work and that is half the fun for me.
But, then there are people like this little girl I saw the other day.  She was about 8 or 9 years old and dressed absolutely adorably. (is adorably a word?)  I have no doubt that she had input in her clothing choices.
Why do I think that? 
I came upon her while in Old Navy (I was returning, not buying!), I was in the checkout line and she and her mom walked through the doors and she just stopped.  She looked all around her with the greatest expression on her face and uttered the words... Oh My Goodness!
That, I have no doubt is a born fashionista!  

Outfit of the Day
I will tell you that I belted and unbelted these pants quite a few times.  I really didn't love they way either looked.  As the day went on, I realized that my shirt just was not going to stay tucked in.  Viola!  The outfit really did look better with the shirt untucked.
Wish I could walk around all day in filtered light!

shirt and vest-ATL-about 4 yrs ago-$?
gray flannel trousers-J.Jill-on sale-$21
ballet flats-"pass alongs"
scarf-Old Navy-$10

So was our mattress purchase a success?  Would have had a great night sleep except for the chuckle head that called our house at 2:30 in the morning.  Not a good feeling when you have a kid away at college and it is the weekend. LOL

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Donna said...

Cute story about the fashionista in the making....my daughter and I have trained her soon-to-be 4 and a half year old girl to love shopping, even just a recon mission...she'll say, "Come check this out".