Monday, November 15, 2010

I need to get that week back!

This morning I was brought to the harsh realization that I have totally lost a week of my life.  For some inexplicable reason I believed that there was a week between now and Thanksgiving.  This morning my friends jolted me back into reality by telling me, no.... Thanksgiving is NEXT Thursday.  Honestly, I didn't believe them at first.  I was so sure that I had an extra week to work with.

Well, I can't get that imaginary week back, especially since it never really existed, so I have quite a bit of reorganizing to do! 
Wish me luck.

Outfit of the day:

A couple of years ago I had a client that had on an orange cable sweater with her monogram on it.  She had it styled so cute.  I asked her where she got the sweater.  She told me it came from J.Crew.  Well, I headed over to Target to see what I could come up with and there was the perfect color orange cable sweater.  I brought it down to my studio and promptly put a monogram on it.  I think my $14.99 sweater looks every bit as cute as her $79 sweater did. (if you look closely on right hand side of sweater you can see the monogram.) 

 Please check my blog frequently this week.  I will be having my first ever Giveaway very soon!

I won that cute scarf!!!
white shirt-CAbi-$78
orange sweater-Target-$14.99
brown twill pants-ATL-on sale-$21
shoes-Marshall's-$25-Nine West Vintage America Collection
scarf-won it!
earrings-somewhere in Dallas, Tx back in the 90's
bracelet-part of a set from Charlotte Russe


fashionoverfifty said...

Love that scarf; and don't you just love orange?

Stacey said...

Oh that is a very cute outfit! Perfect for this time of year. The scarf pulls it all together. :)

Joy said...

You look so pretty!

I don't do orange, though! I'm from Georgia and a Univ of GA grad and we pretty much hate orange! LOL It's a football thing!


silvergirl said...

Thanks for the comments!
Orange is one of those colors you either love or hate and depending on the shade can be very hard to pull off!