Saturday, November 20, 2010

Eyeglasses: Fashion Statement or Necessity

As I mentioned yesterday I went to the eye doctor and as expected my prescription needed to be strengthened. Now the predicament of picking out new frames for my eyeglasses. I took a friend with me, because sometimes your own judgment just isn't very good when picking out glasses. We agreed on two pairs. One was very fashion forward and definitely made a statement. The other was pretty tame and was "discreet" as far as glasses can be discreet. The question was... which is better? A statement or "discreet"?
Would love to hear your opinion on the matter. I won't tell you which ones I picked until they come in.

Outfit of the Day

Trying out the leggings again.  A bit windy and the leggings were oh so warm.  Leggings might be warmer than pants.
Not sure I am crazy about the zipper sticking out of the top of my boot and let me tell you that zipper bugged the heck out of me inside the boot all day.  Note to self:  get a pair of leggings without a zipper to wear with boots.

The reason this scarf works with my skin tone better than the flesh/peach colored T is because this scarf has tones of pink in it.  I have lots of pink in my skin and that is why it works better.
(in case you were wondering) 
sweater tunic-Old Navy-on sale-$10.99
leggings-Old Navy-$14.50
pink scarf-gifted
boots-Belk-on sale-$75
bracelet-really a necklace that I twisted around my wrist-Target-$6



Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to find you! I'm over 50! I haven't tried the jeggings yet, althouth my readers are slowly pushing me in that direction.

As for the glasses, I too have a prescription to fill. The ones I want would be statement glasses...but the ones I actually get with likely be more practical.

Collette Osuna said...

Hello...thank you so much for following my blog...Im following yours to now...love the leggings with the boots...you look great:)

Nice to meet you:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
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Emilie said...

loooove the outfit!! the boots are so amazing :)



tinyjunco said...

well, as a fellow four eyes - until you're around 30, either pair can work. but after you get more or less 'grown up', it starts to seem a little strange to wear 'discreet' glasses, like you can't adjust to the fact you need to wear them....just my opinion. but it can make a person look a little 'young', but maybe not the good young (unless the discreet ones are very flattering).

fashion-forward ones tend to read as more up to date, i can afford to get new ones when i need them, yes i can cope with wearing glasses and actually kind of dig it, etc.

can't wait to see you in your new glasses - and find out if i've put my foot in it or not
: ) ; )

seriously, though, flattery trumps all else in specs. you wear then every day, you want to look your best! have fun! steph

Pink Stilettos said...

I really enjoy your style :) xoxo

Pink Stilettos