Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Christmas Party of the Season

Tonight husband and I are hosting a Christmas Party for 16 people.
I am so excited to kick the season off.  
The weather is cool enough to be festive, I only have a few more decorating details to finish, husband has to put the finishing touches on the entree meat and we are ready to roll.
I love getting together with good friends for a sit down meal with great conversation and laughter.  To me nothing makes a house feel more like a home than that.  

Since there is no way, barring a personal photographer and blog poster, that I am going to get my outfit on today's post.  I thought I would show pictures of how I dressed my dining areas.

Remember I said I had a vision for the dining room.  I think it came out pretty close to what was in my head.
I decided I wanted to use peacock feathers and peacock blue 
Husband asked, "how many peacocks did you have to kill." 
This is the view of the underside of the wreath.  When you are sitting down and look up ~ this is what you see.

This is in our Keeping Room.  It is the "fun" room in our house.

As you can see I definitely kept to the sparkly, glittery, festive aspect of my challenge!

Will post outfit tomorrow and dish any juicy gossip that I might hear at the party tonight.

Off to PAR-TAY!


Deborah said...

Your table looks fantastic! Let the parties start yes?

Nazna Lepever said...

Cute table!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness, you have set beautiful tables. The peacock is my favorite. I look forward to seeing your outfit...and hearing the gossip!