Tuesday, December 7, 2010

High Heels~ A Love/Hate Relationship

I said I would devote an entire blog to the shoes I wore on Saturday night.
Well, here it is!

As I have said many times, I am not a shoe person.  I adore boots, but just have never been a fan of "the shoe".  Then I started noticing all the fabulous shoes on other bloggers pages.  Not only were they fabulous, but could really add drama and effect to an outfit.
I decided I would step outside my box and get a pair to wear at Christmas.
I bought these at the beginning of November and even thought about taking them back a few times.  "Oh, what the heck", I thought, just keep them and go for it.

When Saturday night rolled around, I was so excited to get out my new shoes.  I had special pads so my foot wouldn't slip and I thought the shoes were great with what I was wearing.....

Then I put them on!  After about 15 min.  I realized why I wasn't a shoe girl.  I couldn't keep them on and I couldn't walk in them.  I am not sure if one thing had to do with the other, but it was tragic.

Someone at my party said I was walking like a mechanical wind up doll.  Hey, she was totally right.  I had those darn shoes, off more than on.

I am supposed to wear them again this Saturday night, but with a dress.  I don't think it will be as unnoticeable taking them on and off with a dress.  I am sending out a plea of helplessness to all you regular high heel wearers.... What can I do to keep them on my foot and to walk like a girl?!

 Aren't they the cutest things ever???

Shoes by Steve Madden
You can see I left one of the pads in the shoe, so you can see what I was working with.
Did I not have the right kind of pad?




Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

These shoes are amazing!!! I so miss wearing a fabulous heel, but bunion surgery brought the love affair to an abrupt end. I will have to worship these and others like them from afar.

Lorelei said...

Very cute shoes! I usually go with the cushions for the balls of the feet, plus the back of the heel pads, when I need some help to make shoes fitter better/be more comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Brett--they are gorgeous shoes. I never wear a heel over 3 inches and thus am probably not the person to comment on dress shoes like this.

Joy said...

Are they slipping on your heels? Put the heel pads in the back of them and the pads that just go in the ball of your foot, not the whole length of the shoe.

Those are awesome shoes and it'd be a shame to not wear them.

(I sold shoes for years while in college!)

Pink Stilettos said...

You know that I love heels! These are fabulous! Too bad they hurt your feet...maybe you should have a giveaway???? xoxo

Pink Stilettos

Deborah said...

Sometimes certain shoes are what I call "drop me off at the door" shoes. Not for walking about, but for sitting and looking fabulous - like these shoes!

Jazzy Poet said...

Oprah wears those high heels but only when she's sitting. They are hard to wear if you're standing all night.