Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shades of Brown

I decided to give sequins a rest today and settled on fur instead.
It is clear and cold here today and fur is just what the weather called for.
I had another vision in my head when I decided to wear this fur trimmed sweater today. Alas, that vision is best dressed on someone else!  Ever had that happen to you?

I am extremely excited about my fur trimmed sweater.  I got it from the Matthews Help Center Thrift Shop where I volunteer on Wednesdays.  It was originally marked at $4, but that day it was on sale for $2.
Seriously $2.  It is some brand I have never heard of, but whatever right?!

It has been warm and cuddly all day.

I am going to see the movie Burlesque tonight with some girlfriends, so here is my disclaimer...
After watching that movie, the sequins may be back tomorrow.  Who knows what kind of fashion that movie will inspire!

Outfit For Today

  I Love Mixing the different shades of brown together.
The color is warm and inviting.

Here is an up close look at my bargain sweater

white turtle neck-Old Navy
fur trimmed sweater-Thrifted
brown cords-Old Navy
boots- Nine West
velour gloves-gifted
watch-The Jewel Box


Anonymous said...

The sweater looks to be a real find! I'm curious to hear your impressions of the film as the reviews have been all over the place. I even heard one critic called it "aspirational"?

Stacey said...

Love that sweater! What a buy. :) Your last outfit was perfect too. You always look so pulled together and pretty.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

This sweater for $2...amazing! What a great find and it fits you perfect...you look great to go out with the girls. I am like Terri..tell us how the movie is. I would like to know.

Joy said...

THAT was a fabulous score! WOW!! I love it and it looks great on you!!