Monday, January 3, 2011

The Holiday Challenge Is Over

It is hard to believe that December has come and gone.
I really enjoyed my challenge of adding glitz and glam to my outfit everyday.  Oh, sequins how I will miss you!
To recap:
I wore pearls 4 times during the challenge
velvet - 8 times
bling - 8 times
fur - 4 times
ruffles - 5 times
lace - 3 times
silk - 4 times
tulle & taffeta - 1 time
and drum roll please....
sequins 13 times!

It will be hard to go back to dressing like an "ordinary" person.
I see why the 30 for 30 people say it is almost overwhelming to go back to your entire closet.
For the most part I was pulling from a lot of the same clothes everyday.
Now I have the whole wide closet to choose from and NO guidelines.
The thing I learned the most during this challenge is that people really do look at you differently and treat you differently when you add a little something extra to your wardrobe.  I think this is mostly due to the fact that when you feel good about what you are wearing you exude more confidence, poise and self-assurance.

I won't continue with the glitz and glam all the time, but I think I will be  more discerning about the pieces I put together.
Thanks for playing along with me and remember
no matter how much glitz and glam you are wearing...
a smile is your best accessory!


Anonymous said...

Brett--you carry off the glitz so well. As I watched each of this ensembles, I kept thinking how very little glitz I own!

fashionoverfifty said...

This looked like such a fun challenge! Sorry I missed it but I loved watching you do it~Love looking back at all the pics too.

Lise Marie said...

Brett, you looked gorgeous in every picture. Maybe its the great silver hair, but bling is your thing!! Fabulous!