Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Finally Organized That Make-Up

Another snow day and what is a poor girl to do?
Stop whining about how messy her make-up drawers are and do something about it!

Yesterday school was cancelled again, but son2 and I did venture out a bit.
  Cabin Fever had set in!

Hope you enjoy my little video that I put together.
If you have a hard time organizing your make-up brushes be sure to pay attention around 2:20 in the video.  I think I have come up with a brilliant solution.
Let me know what you think.

Thanks for watching!


Anonymous said...

Brett--I love this! First, I was surprised that your voice didn't have as much southern accent as I expected. As I watched, I found myself thinking about our pedestal sink--I have no drawers and most things are in a cupboard left of the mirror. DH is just today putting finishing touches on the new bedroom, so perhaps I can talk him into a vanity like yours.

Oh, and the little tags within the video were well done!

Rebecca said...

Videos are always fun. My make-up is pretty organized, but I don't have a huge collection.

The Closet Shopper said...

I'll tell you what I learned. That you are the cutest thing EVER. And that you have a wonderful accent. I feel like I finally "met" you. ha.

What great ideas on organizing honey. Fantastic.

My skirt is a tiny houndstooth but the flash made those weird lines. And yes, I was trying to hypnotize you.


Kristin said...

Boy do I need to embark on mission organization in my bathroom!

RETRO REVA said...

Amy nude will do, but nothing too porny........
it could just be sans make-up, your belly, a side peek of droopy boob, etc.
i hope you'll join in :)

Anonymous said...

Love this... so very cute! I am unorganized too. I did organize my make up into pretty little depression glasses and bowls but it ended up a mess. My drawers look similar to yours before the makeover! I think the idea for your brushes is brilliant. Loved seeing you via video.. you are a doll! xo

fashionoverfifty said...

this is just so cute and you are too! Your voice is exactly how I thought it would be!
The brush holder IS BRILLIANT! I have one brush that I never use so it would be a bleak display...
exellent job on the technical part of the video--and along with Terri--the tags are so slick! Great job--

Soccer Mom Style said...

I watched the video and like the brushes and murbles idea. I did a bathroom organization make-over last year and have been wanting to post about it. I also went to craft stores like you and got many clear containers. I bought a bamboo kitchen drawer organizer (form Old Time Pottery) that is the perfect size for my drawer and have organized my make-up in it.
Enjoyed your video.

to answer your question about glitter nail polish: it is better than some more expensive ones I've used. These were just $1.99 at Walgreens. It was an impulse buy but it paid off. I really like it.
Just hope now that it's not too difficult to take of ;)

Soccer Mom Style said...

Hi silvergirl,
sure you can link it to my post. Hope you will enjoy your polish just like I do (it's still on).

Jenn said...

I love the brush holder idea!! And that lolipop hairband thing is very cute!

Jenn said...

I love the brush holder idea!! And that lolipop hairband thing is very cute!