Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Dog Was No Help!

If you read my post on Thursday, you read that I was going to let the dog pick out my next outfit.  Well, seems all she was interested in were the shoes laying around on the floor of my closet.
I happened to glance at my inspiration board while shooing the non-helpful dog out of my closet and there it was....
A picture of a girl wearing a blue and white striped scarf with a blue and white striped shirt and a blue jacket.
I knew I had the shirt and I was pretty sure the green jacket would work.
  Now for the scarf. 
It is not completely striped, it has little blue hearts on it as well,
but it was my ace in the hole for the copycat outfit.
Of course I immediately pulled out the wide legged jeans to pair with it all.
I actually think my look is better than the picture.
  I like the green jacket better than the matchy matchy of the blue jacket.
How about that pink frosted lipstick?? 
Just a whim, but I think it looks fun. 

Breton stripe shirt-Loft
wide legged jeans-GAP


Debbie Baker Burns said...

Darn unhelpful dog...and I was looking forward to seeing what he picked!

Linda said...

I love those jeans each and every time you wear them. And it makes me want to get some wide-legged jeans.
It sounds like your dog helped you after all, by giving you the time to look at your inspiration board.

The Auspicious Life

Anonymous said...

I wish my dog could be helpful, Id appreciate that :)