Thursday, March 31, 2011

If You Can't Buy It - Make It

I don't know if you remember me saying that the first thing I was going to buy after the 30x30 buying freeze was a pair of red pants.
Well, I have been looking ever since.  Sure~ I could find a pair if I was the same weight and shape I was when I was twelve or I had somehow just won the lottery.  Otherwise, I was flat out of luck.

I gave up hope on my red pants quest until a laundry mishap last week.  Remember these light pink pants?  Well, someone (no one has confessed yet) washed them with a dark blue something or other.  They came out of the wash with blue streaks all over them.  I tried everything to get the blue out, but to no avail.

Light bulb moment!  Dye them red!
They came out with even color and no streaks at all.  I maybe would have liked them to be a tad darker, but I am not complaining.
I paired my newly dyed jeans with the cutest little tee and cardigan.
I pulled out the wedge sandals and I was good to go.
How cute is the tee? 
It has sequins and lace!
  I got it at The Loft for 30% off and used up the last bit of a gift card.
  It was practically free.
  Confession time: 
The wedge heels only lasted for the pictures. 
It was much colder and wetter outside than I thought.
  I knew I was going to be in and out all day,
so I switched to a pair of blue flats. 
Not as cute I will say,
but they were more appropriate to the weather.
Now it is your turn 
to go find something in your closet
revamp it. 
This wasn't hard and I got just what I wanted
spent a whole $1.49!

cardi- Simply Vera by Vera Wang-Khols
tee-The Loft
red jeans-originally GAP
wedge sandals-Target
earrings-Daisy Fuentes-Khols
belt-came with another pair of pants


Shybiker said...

That's a great color. I've seen several bloggers dye clothes and they look super.

Peggy said...

way to go!! Necessity is the mother of invention! I love that tee- I saw it last week - too cute. And I love your cardi - saw it yesterday while at Kohls. My daughter and I both said at the same time, it kind of reminded us of my glasses cardi from F21 at first glance! You look so cute today. I also love those Target wedges!

Tracy said...

I love your confession. So funny. What a great idea to dye those jeans! Life gave you lemons and you dyed them.

I've too been searching high and low for red jeans. Yesterday, I found a pair in my size and a brand that fits me well on Ebay! They are in the mail and on their way! We'll see if they fit and if the color is as great as the pics.


Terri said...

What a happy accident this turned out to be and the pants probably fit better than any new ones you might have found.

Kari said...

I love the pants! They turned out great! I've been on the hunt for a pair as well! Lucky you :-)

Ginger said...

That was a good idea!

Kristin & Megan said...

I'm all about shopping my closet! Love those wedges!