Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seriously, Is It Really Thursday Already??

Don't know how it slipped my mind that today was Thursday.
Totally bailed on Awkward and Awesome Thursday on my earlier post.
Gotta make amends here!

  1. Having a lady side swipe your car in the parking lot and when you finally catch up to her to yell, she only speaks Hindu.  Lucky for me her car had the damage not mine.
  2. Having your blender explode all over the kitchen while making Margaritas, not once, but twice!
  3. Dropping your cell phone in the middle of a movie at a really great part where everything is quiet except the Kerplunk of the phone
  4. Looking down an aisle for what you think is 10 min for a product, then asking someone where it is and it was right there in front of you the entire time
  5. Forgetting that today was Thursday
  1. Your friend finding your lost earring in the store where you lost it
  2. Going to the grand opening of Nordstroms Rack with one of your besties
  3. Having your dyed pants come out perfect
  4. A new episode of Grey's Anatomy tonight and it just happens to be a musical episode
  5. Spending last weekend at the lake and doing absolutely nothing but what I wanted to do
Just a little Maxim awesomeness to make your evening a little brighter!


Writeitinlipstick said...

Oh I have had my share of blenders blowing up in my face but usually it has dry goods in it never liquids. That must of been awful. Sorry your car got side swipe but good thing nothing happen to your car.

Write it in Lipstick

Jodi at day2daywear said...

LOL, yeah its Thursday.. where the heck did MARCH go.. I feel like I've been in a blender!! LOL... love your answers...at least tonight you can relax and watch some good tv!! have a good one gorgeous!! xoxo Jodi

Rebecca said...

I'm glad that your car wasn't damaged. I hope the musical Grey's episode is good.

Lyddiegal said...

oh mannn they made a musical greys? i just might have to break my ban for that one (I swore off greys after burke left christina at the alter because the drama was just getting to be too absurd...)

and i have similar blender story - when i was making frosting on sunday i dumped the powdered sugar into the mixer and put it on high forgetting that it would all fly out - covering me from head to toe - literally!

Deborah said...

Nordstrom Rack! Love it.

I love the post about blogging etiquette as well.