Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sequins & Stripes & A Maxi!

Who doesn't like sequins?  
Who doesn't like stripes? 
Who doesn't like a maxi skirt?

Why not pair them together for a fun spring look!

 Speaking of maxi skirts...Did you know?

Up until the beginning of this century, women have had little other option than to wear skirts and dresses, and throughout history their skirts have almost always been "maxi" in varying shapes and sizes.
 Skirts started getting shorter in the Twenties and hemlines danced between ankle and knee until the early Sixties.  
It wasn't until the late Sixties that hemlines hit the floor again. 

The maxi flourished in the 70's.
The Eighties focused on power dressing, using trouser suits and shoulder pads. 
 The maxi skirts didn't make a noticeable appearance again until autumn 1996.
 This season, the maxi is everywhere!

sequin tank & denim blazer & necklace-Loft
maxi skirt-Shock Boutique
booties-Rocket Dog via Marshall's
bracelets-Francesca s and Street Vendor on Canal St. NYC


plutrell said...

I am beginning to see more and more sequined tops out in the day time with casual looks...just like you have done here...I think it looks wonderful and I am so happy to see it become more acceptable. I just might have to once again go out of that comfort zone and give this a try!!

Toneycarla said...


Rebecca said...

I wore long skirts in the late 90s when they were trendy, but I don't mind wearing them again.

Tracy said...

Look at YOU with your maxi skirt. Love it. And that sequin top is to die for. Uhh-mazing.

silvrgurl said...

There are sequin tops everywhere for summer.
Loft, Express, Anthro, J.Crew, heck I even saw one at Kmart the other day. I never go in there, but was by one and needed some toiletries. Low and Behold there in the Jaclyn Smith collection was a sequin top. LOL

silvrgurl said...

I wish you were not quite so wordy there! :)

Joy said...

Very cute! I need a maxi skirt or maxi dress!! And you know how much I love sequins!!

Toneycarla said...

Since I was on the phone to YOU at the same time I wrote that then you know that's the limit of my multitasking ability.....LOL

Hey There Carole said...

Very cute and loving the tank.

Deborah said...

Spiff! How did you get this feature? That's so cool to be able to respond to each comment.

Halie said...

So cute! I love the sequins - I'm a sucker for anything sparkly. I also really enjoyed the bit of history in this post - it adds a cool dimension, don't you think?


Ashley said...

Mmm mmm. I got hooked on maxi skirts last spring and haven't turned back. I even wore them in the fall...but I'm looking forward to wearing light, white ones this spring. You look great, and how daring to combine sequins, stripes, and a maxi! How DO you do it?!?! ;)

colletteosuna said...

WAY to go lady!!! Im a sucker for stripes...and maxis..this is a great combo for me!!! I may have to give it a try....I just bought a new blue/gray wide striped longer skirt:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
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silvrgurl said...

Can't wait to see how you put the Collette style stamp on this look!

silvrgurl said...

LOL Ashley
You know you are the style maven here

silvrgurl said...

Thanks Halie
Just was curious about the maxi skirt and thought others might be too

silvrgurl said...

Hey Deborah
I installed Disqus this morning
Seems to be doing well so far
Just google it and it will come up first

silvrgurl said...

Aren't you loving seeing all of the sequin tanks in the stores for spring. I saw a pink one at Express the other day
I will be keeping my eye on that baby for when it goes on sale, if there are any left. LOL

silvrgurl said...

You know the inspiration for that skirt was you baby!

Debby said...

Love the sequin top! I don't own anything sequined... maybe I need to add some for a little glam. In regards to your comment on Inspired... you could totally pull of white jeans! xo

Terri said...

I thrifted a NEW maxi skirt yesterday and thinking of you, screwed up the courage to buy my first sequins to boot. You're looking good in this outfit.

silvrgurl said...

Can't wait to see how you style your maxi
AWW your first sequins... such a big step
Hope you love yours as much as I love mine
Will be stopping by to make sure you wear them! :)