Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Today is Thursday, so it is time for another installment of ...
Awkward and Awesome Thursday sponsered by
the lovely Sydney over on The Daybook.

Before we start, let me show you my OOTD

I wore this on Tuesday.
I am really on a pattern mixing kick this week.
Here I mixed florals & gingham.
My skirt is black and white and the shirt is blue and white
I think it works well together.

  1. Only realizing at the end of the day when you are getting undressed that the cute little size sticker is still on your sweater.  You know the litte square or circlular sticker that says S,M or L.
  2. Helping son2 with a major paper and arguing about an important gramatical rule.  Then not only finding out I was wrong, but that apparently this rule has changed since I was in school. 
  3. Texting the wrong person and not realizing it until the 3rd text had been sent.  Luckily the wrong text went to son1 and it was not increminationg in any way. :)
  4. Taking pictures in my front yard when not only did a workman park in front of the house and get out of the car, but two joggers with dogs came by and stopped right in front of me when the dogs got into a fight.  Needless to say I folded up that pretty pink tripod of mine and hightailed it inside.
  5. Taking something out of the refridgerator and knocking something else off the shelf only to have lid come off and the contents splatter all over the floor.  May I just say that in this situation the dog is my best friend.

  1. Friday is the beginning of spring break for son2.  I get to sleep in for an entire week!
  2. Working on a project at the thrift store where I volunteer and coming upon the cutest little shirt ever!  Did I mention that it happened to be in my size?  $3 later it was mine.
  3. All the pink dogwoods in my yard coming into bloom this week.  Just beautiful!!
  4. Girls night out tonight ~ Enough Said!
  5. Going into a newly remodled Target store to shop.  Crazy right?  I tell you, it was like everything looked more shiny, newer and enticing.
Here's hoping your Thursday is way more Awesome than Awkward.
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Peggy said...

Cute! Your items are hilarious! A new Target- oh yea!! Nice! Have fun at girl's night out!

Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

Love your OOTD!! The skirt and sandals...so cute! I do the texting thing too especially if I am in a hurry...it can be a real problem so I am intentionally trying to be more careful!!

Judy said...

There was a pic of Sean Penn with a pair of jeans that still showed that long size sticker being worn out on the town. Don't feel bad.

Rebecca said...

I like the pattern mix. I've left the size sticker on my clothes before too.

Kari said...

Love your pattern mixing! That's something that I still want to try. I found a size sticker on one of my camisoles just the other day. I didn't find it until I was getting ready to go home.

Ginger said...

I've had that happen with texts too.

Joy said...

Cute, cute, cute! And your #5 awkward. Yeah. Happened to me this week, too. Except I blame the kids and it was a milkshake. Sticky floor anyone?!

Writeitinlipstick.blogspot.com said...

I hate when stuff spills it is so annoying, I also hate when I leave stickers on especially the ones on the pant leg that is so awkward.

Write it in Lipstick

Terri said...

Pink dogwoods...I am so jealous. I really believe you are mastering this pattern mixing.

silvrgurl said...

Pam - I am always so scared I will sent the wrong text to the wrong person
and be busted for something LOL
In this case I was actually texting about work.

silvrgurl said...

Ha, my sons have done that on occasion.

silvrgurl said...

so embarrassing
it's like you are advertising either... hey look what size I wear or hey I
am wearing something new :0)

silvrgurl said...

Go for it Kari!

silvrgurl said...

I hope you didn't incriminate yourself! :)

silvrgurl said...

so glad to hear from you, it has been awhile
oh a milkshake is bad, don't think the dog can even get up all of that
sticky mess.