Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blogger Darling Of The Day

It's that time again.
Welcome my Blogger Darling of the Day...

Pam from over50feeling40

Pam was either the second or third over 40 blogger that I came across when I began my blog back in October. It was such a nice surprise that there were more of us out there!  Pam has a great outlook on life, has a new found passion for fashion and is a generous blogger in our blogger community.

At the end of a cup of coffee (with a cranberry scone!), you might learn that Pam is passionate about life. At 57, she loves being a wife, a mother, a teacher, a communicator, a Texan, a servant, and a child of God. She loves inspiring others to be joyful , confident and engaged in this game we call LIFE. Every day is a precious gift to her and she truly desires to see more women seeking ways to live life to its fullest and not allowing themselves to shut down! A small part of that journey is to feel good about the way you look and that is why she started over50feeling40!!

Here are the questions I put to Pam for her feature:

1. Favorite color of socks to wear?
 I have sock categories:
#1 Favorite Socks for Sleeping…I sent you a picture!!

#2 I like printed socks! My favorites are black with a brown vintage flower print. However, I must add that in Texas, we do not wear a lot of socks…they warm the body too much for a climate that is mostly warm!! 

2. What reality TV show would you want to be on?
OOOO….I would love to write my own reality show about a high school journalism teacher who is also a fashion/style blogger and leading a very colorful life in Texas!! I think life in my newsroom full of teen reporters at a private school is colorful enough alone… I would call it MAKING HEADLINES…but if somewhere Stacy & Clinton wanted to drop from the sky and give me a $5000 gift card for shopping…that would just make the whole show special!! I could shop after losing weight while “Dancing with the Stars”!! Wait a second…I might be getting carried away!

3. What is your favorite daily thing to wear?
ACCESSORIES!! I never go out without them! To me, fashion becomes real art with the way you accessorize an outfit. The challenge is how to do this creatively and not over the top! Balance and a unique touch are what I try to keep in mind.

4. Who do you think is the best dressed man in Hollywood?
Jon Hamm of Mad Men…on and off the screen.

5. Who do you think is the worst dressed woman in Hollywood?
There are so many who make me cringe, because they attempt to be too sexy and end up with unflattering looks which make them look older and trashy. I miss the classic Hollywood beauty queens from the past, who were way more stylish than the ones of today. Unfortunately, some of the younger stars think that the word SOPHISTICATION is a conservative, stodgy word. It is not. You can be creative and fun and classy at the same time. Let’s just say, if I was editing VOGUE, Lady Gaga would not be on the cover!!

6. How do you organize your closet?
I recently read Oprah has a closet just for her SPANX! I live in the real world of middle class America with a smaller closet. Therefore, I have to change out pieces with seasonal changes from cold to hot (and vice versa). I recently packed away all of my heavy winter sweaters, jackets, scarves, etc. What is left in the closet is currently organized by color…except for dresses and skirts which all hang together.

7. If you could dress like any TV character, who would it be?
The majority of TV that I watch includes reality shows and news programs. I do love the way Diane Sawyer dresses when on location and anchoring for ABC News. The people I find myself wanting to emulate are movie actresses and NOT on television.

Meryl Streep… in Devil Wears Prada and It’s Complicated.

Diane Keaton… in Because I Said So and Something’s Gotta Give.

Most people on TV, I would never want to mimic…although, it might be fun to walk around in a Big Bird costume just for one day!!
8. What is your favorite accessories excluding shoes?
I think I have a reputation as the SCARF MAVEN!! One of my students even asked me once how many scarves I have….I told her that I had no idea…I guess that says a lot. But I also love big statement necklaces!! If I had the money, I would buy necklaces at Chico’s every month!! Finally, statement earrings are also so much fun!! I always look at the jewelry first when I go to a consignment shop…I have had the most success with consignment jewelry than anything else!

9. Is there any outfit that you have EVER worn that still haunts you to this day?
ABSOLUTELY! Ok, please do not hold this against me…it was back in the time when I was searching for my middle aged identity. But, I use to go to pool parties in white capris covered in neon martini glasses!! I am cringing just typing the words. WHAT NOT TO WEAR opened my eyes seven years ago to just how bad many of my outfits were! I would watch the show…walk into my closet…and sit on the floor lamenting that I was the woman just featured. It was haunting, but helped me get on the right track!

10. What celebrity/fashion icon would you want to take with you on a shopping spree?
Probably, Diane Keaton! I think we would have fun! She is stylish…she laughs ….she sings…and she appears to enjoy her life over 50!! From my perspective, we would have a blast!

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Pam.
 Please go check out her blog and tell her hello.

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Style Crone said...

Great interview! Love the photo of Pam in blue with blue umbrella. I follow Pam regularly and love her process, her generosity and her sense of style.

Thriftygirlvintage said...

Enjoyed this post and getting to know Pam better. It makes me happy when I find other bloggers closer to my age. Good interview!

silvrgurl said...

Thanks for stopping by
I agree with you about Pam 100%

silvrgurl said...

I know what you mean about finding bloggers in our "unique" age group!
Glad you liked the profile

Ashley said...

I've visited her blog a couple of times; will have to stop back more often now! Thanks for the reminder. What a fun interview, too. I loved all the unique questions (and her great, detailed answers)!

Tinfoilstiaras said...

What fun answers- I love her response about the reality show! She looks incredible at her age- I hope to be so stylin!