Tuesday, April 12, 2011

EBEW: The Maxi Skirt!

This month the girls over at Everybody, Everywhere chose the maxi skirt to be styled.  Well, actually they had a few choices, asked us to vote and the winner was the MAXI
To see how others styled a maxi just click on the above icon to check it out.

Here is the way I styled mine

I took my beloved stripe maxi and paired it with a floral cardi. 
I added the mustard tank for some contrasting color.
I then added some navy accessories, the necklace and bangle bracelets to pull it all together.
I really like this color combination and the mixing of patterns.
I think it makes for a great casual everyday look without being fussy in the least.

I wore my Target wedges again
and was actually able to wear them all day long this time. 
They are surprisingly very comfortable.
Coming from a non-shoe person like me...that's saying something.

mustard cami-Kohl's
floral cardi-The Loft
stripe maxi- Shock Boutique
necklace-The Loft

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Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

As always....cute look! I really love the Loft Cardigan!

FutureLint said...

The color and pattern mixing is so unexpected but it all works beautifully together!

Jeanofalltrades said...

I really like the pattern mixing. What a good way to get a new look from the dress. It's very flattering and the cardi and tank add a spring-y feel.

Becky Lee Dreams said...

You look fantastic! I love your colors!

Rebecca said...

I really like the colors you chose. The combination is unexpected, but really pretty.

Shybiker said...

Nice, interesting combination.

Jessica Zigenis said...

I'm so scared of maxi dresses, but you pull it off very nicely! Lovely!

ps. In regards to your comment on my blog--I do not have any "cleavage" to debate on showing--it aint' showing no matter what because it's non-existent. haha However, I love it that way. I'm relatively modest, so I wouldn't show it even if I had it.

Fashionforgiants said...

I like this. The combination of the bold stripes on the dress with the bright tank and cardi is very fun. Great job.

Paula said...

Brett~this is absolutely my most favorite of yours!!! I love this look on you--its really funky for you isnt it? And I just love those shoes! Love this~Paula

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

You just proved how pattern matching works and you nailed it! Stripes and floral are my favourite combination and I adore your wedges! I need to jump on the EBEW bandwagon- sounds like fun!

Melissa Williams said...

I have to say this is my favorite outfit so far. Love the entire look I must copy it. Now I need to find a striped Maxi

Write it in Lipstick

Stacey said...

Cute! I bought that cardigan also. I've worn it twice and really enjoy the springy colors.

Moniquezuman said...

Love the stripes!

Monique xx


Gypsy*Diaries said...

I wore a very similar maxi for EBEW! :D You wear it so well!


P.S: I´m giving away a $100 beauty gift card for YSL, Chanel... etc products. Wanna join in on the fun? ;D

Deborah said...

I love the outfits you put together! This one works. And those shoes! I am officially jealous.

I'm seeing this challenge all over this morning.

silvrgurl said...

I am not a cleavage showing girl either and get very self conscience when i
even feel like it is showing
Will stick to toe cleavage lol

silvrgurl said...

I think florals and stripes are my favorite combo right now as well
EBEW is every month, you gotta try it
Go Target for great shoes, do you have Target where you are?

silvrgurl said...

I must have picked up and put down that cardi a dozen times before I decided
to actually buy it
Now I love it and am thinking of wearing it again today. lol

silvrgurl said...

thanks Melissa
I think I saw some maxi dresses with stripes at Old Navy.
good luck

Sarah {Raving Fashionista} said...

I love, love, love maxi skirts!! And this combination you've put together is fantastic!!

xo www.RavingFashionista.com

Reva said...

I LOVE this look and must save it to my inspiration files asap!!!!!

silvrgurl said...

Thanks Reva
What a compliment!!

silvrgurl said...

thanks so much Sarah
I agree, I love the maxi skirt look and can't wait to wear more of it

Lyddiegal said...

I just love the striped maxi and those fab wedges - super trendy and wonderful!

chantele cross-jones said...

Great mix of patterns and colours!

Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home

Kari Gulbrandsen said...

This is really cute. You look like you're having so much fun with it. Love that picture of you by the blue planter, Well done!

Nicole Martin said...

Great pattern/color mixing here!!! Very bright and springy :)

Terri said...

Brett--this is really, really cute. I love the mustard tee with the stripes.

silvrgurl said...

Thanks Terri
I am loving this mustard color and I am not a lover of the color yellow at
I am on the hunt for a mustard cardi!

silvrgurl said...

lol Kari, that is the only planter on the deck with flowers in it
I keep waiting for the cold snaps to stop coming so I can re-do all of my

Linda said...

The colors are great together. And I'm always in awe pattern mixing like this.
Thanks for joining us at EBEW!