Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Today is Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter. It is the day of the Last Supper, when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and established the Holy Communion. Maundy Thursday is also called Holy Thursday, the day before Good Friday. 

I hope everyone has some really nice plans for Easter!

Today is also Awkward and Awesome Thursday.  This fun post is sponsored by Sydney over on The Daybook
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My format is a little different this week, because as it turns out for every awesome thing that happened, there was an equal awkward reaction.  Let's check it out.....

1. Awesome: A lovely pedicure with toes painted a fabulous shade of spring green
        Awkward: It had been waaay to long since my last pedicure.  Oh the shame of those feet!

2. Awesome: Breakfast with friends that I haven't seen together for a very long time, at a cool diner no less.
       Awkward: Breakfast? What was I thinking?  I am not a morning person at all. 

3.Awesome: Husband and son in Chicago for a few days for some manly bonding time.
      Awkward: me being alone in the house for the first time in 19 years.   Yea, I got over that pretty quickly!

4.Awesome: Finding a TV series on Netflix to get sucked into.  Don't you just love when you find something cool to watch that you missed out on the first time around?
      Awkward: The show is Ally McBeal.  Who didn't watch that show back in the 90's?  It is embarrassing when people say... what? you didn't watch that the first time around??  Where were you?, under a rock?

5. Awesome: Finding the cutest pair of shoes to go with the dress I am wearing for  Easter.  I actually wore the dress to son1's graduation last year and I never liked the sad shoes I wore with it.  I am going to look oh so cute now.
       Awkward:  The very young and cute guy at the Dillard's shoe department flirting with me.  Seriously dude, I could be your mother, although I like saying your cool aunt a lot better! 

Today's inspiration came from Tracy over on The Closet Shopper.  She paired her red jeans with a pink top
 and I thought the idea was brilliant.
For some reason my shirt is coming off a bit more orange than pink, but it is a pinky, salmon color
Love it with the red.
Tracy had rolled up her jeans so I just stole that element and the sandals were chosen because there was a picture on my inspiration board of  similar sandals with rolled jeans.

Here's wishing you all a Happy Easter celebration and that it is much more Awesome than Awkward!
No finding last year's hidden now decomposed eggs.

jeans-self dyed, GAP
bracelets-mix of random ones


Rebecca said...

I loved Ally McBeal, and I love those red pants!

Shybiker said...

I loved that show, too, for its quirkiness. Great pants.

Tracy said...

Thanks honey! You inspire me daily, so I'm glad I can return the favor every now and then. I love this outfit. You look incredible. As always.

Ok, so you are hilarious. Not sure if you were aware. I wish this was a vlog though. Would love to hear you talk about all your awkward/awesome moments.

Ally McBeal ruled for like one or two seasons and then it jumped the shark. I hope you're enjoying it though. May I suggest "Arrested Development": It's so so so funny. Not that you asked for suggestions...


Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

Cute outfit!! Love the shirt! I missed out on Ally McBeal..I might have to watch this!
I hope you have a special Good Friday! In rememberance....

Nlewis188 said...

That is a very cute outfit. As my supervisor is always telling me... "Take a flirt or compliment where you can get it."

Happy Easter to you too.

Stacey said...

That is one adorable outfit! You dyed your jeans? Amazing.

Paula said...

I love the red jeans with the ankle strap sandals! What color were they before? Hey I never watched Ally Mcbeal....

Writeitinlipstick.blogspot.com said...

Ditto my feet havent had a pedi in so long. Once I went a whole 9 months now that is shameful


Terri said...

Oh, I love the giant gingham and Kendi is rockin' pants in this same color!

Deborah said...

Your hair is cute when it's up.

I never watched Ally either. I just never did!

Ashley said...

Ahhh, I loved Tracy's red pants earlier in the week, and I'm loving yours here, too! You both styled them so lovely!

I've been meaning to paint my nails a shade of green...it feels so right this season. Oh, and I don't think I've done my toes since February...and they need it. Bad. Oh well. It's not quite sandal season here yet, so it's all good!

P.S. Bears aren't a real threat here--I've probably seen 3 my entire 21 years of living here. Still, they freak me out! But I think alligators would freak me out more...yuck.

Kristin & Megan said...

You've inspired me to try my hand at dying jeans!

Lyddiegal said...

I'm actually TOTALLY sucked into Ally McBeal via netflix right now! We'd been getting the dvds, but we just discovered its now on instant watch, so i'm feeling a marathon coming on...

Loving your red pants!!!