Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Hi everyone, sorry I didn't get around to posting yesterday.  It was just one of those kinds of days.
I hope to get around to visiting blogs tonight.

But today is Thursday and you know what that means.... time to find out how awkward and awesome my week was.

  But first here is my OOTD

  • Screaming like a little girl when son2 wanted to show me a tiny little field mouse he had caught in the yard. He had it trapped  under a pot. When he finally lifted the pot up to show me I was all... it's so cute.
  • Not knowing quite how to respond to someone that just informed me that they kept their little dog in a bird cage.
  • Getting frustrated with my bangs and cutting them myself and not doing a very good job
  • Waiting for husband to come home from a dinner out and finding out when he called that, no ~ he didn't tell me he was having dinner out, he had actually told me that he was going to DeMoine for 3 days.
  • A woman telling me that I have pretty teeth and then realizing that she had NO teeth at all. Then, said woman begins to explain that her gums were just too swollen to get her teeth back in that morning.


  • Getting a fabulous new egg shell blue throw for my family room so I can wrap myself in comfort while watching TV.
  • Pulling up tons of weeds in the flower beds and not getting any poison ivy...(I seem to get it every year when doing this) 
  • Being able to get out of a particular event that I had been dreading all weekend.
  • Sitting out on my lovely deck in the sunshine, flowers blooming all around, a nice "beverage" on hand and catching up on lots of magazine and catalog reading while husband and son2 were in Chicago. 
  • Helping one of our dress for success clients at the Help Center pick out clothes.
I got this fabulous little stripe top when I had my clothing swap.
I have been wanting to wear it for so long.
  I finally pulled it out today and threw on the navy cardi and olive cargos. 
  I put on the stripe espadrilles to mimic the stripe in my top. 
A green necklace to mimic the green in the pants
and I was good to go.

stripe top-clothing swap
navy cardi & bracelet-Loft
green cargo pants-Banana Republic
stripe espadrilles-Target


Ashley said...

Heh. I LOLed at the last awkward thing. No teeth always seems to be an awkward situation. I remember when my boyfriend told me his dad didn't have any teeth, he just gums all his food. I had met him multiple times at this point and was like, "OMG, really?!!? Who knew?!?!"

Rebecca said...

Your hair looks really pretty in these photos, and I like the stripes!

Hey There Carole! said...

LOL... I thought I was the only one that had strange things said to them. As for the little dog - What COULD you say?? :-)

Lise Marie said...

Brett, you look gorgeous and I love your comments! I completely laughed out loud on some of them!

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

I love Thursdays because it means I get to read your hilarious facts! That would really throw me if I thought my bf said dinner out and in fact he was in a different city! I love how simple and casual yet stylish this outfit is and Brett I didn't know you were a DFS volunteer too! I'm a Boutique Manager with my local branch and we're having a big Dress for Success gala next week!

Peggy said...

these are always so funny and amusing! Your husband left for 3 days and you thought he went to dinner? haha. Love those shoes!

Tracy said...

Wait, you didn't know your husband was going away for three days? You just thought he wasn't coming home for dinner? LOL plus a spit take. Awkward fer sher.

I love that you help out for Dress for Success. That is something I would love to do. I'm going to see if we have a similar organization here.

Have a wonderful weekend, my dear. Especially since you got out of whatever awful thing you no longer have to worry about.

kisses and hugs

Deborah said...

I love navy and khaki green together. That top is adorable and I want it. Except in my my size.