Monday, April 25, 2011

Watercolor Florals

Hi!  I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter weekend.  It was just lovely here and no rotten eggs appeared anywhere during the day.
Husband and son2 got back late Saturday night, so it was nice to spend all day Easter Sunday with them.  They had a very nice time in The Windy City.  Son2 had a very hard time getting up for school this morning!

So regular life begins again today and will cruise along until sometime next week when son1 comes home from school for the summer.  I am trying not to think of that just yet.  Not sure if it will be a great thing to have him back home ALL summer or not. :)

This is only the second time I have ever worn this little floral dress. 
 I wore it last year for son1's graduation. 

I could never find any shoes that I liked to go with the dress.  Finally found some last week.

We all went to lunch after church and then I made a nice Easter dinner that night.
What did you do?  Did anyone go to a fabulous Easter Brunch?

dress-The Loft


Peggy said...

Pretty floral dress! I love florals dresses for Easter!

Tracy said...

Great colors on you.

Glad your weekend was relaxing and nice. xoxo

Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

What a beautiful Easter floral and I love the purple cardigan! Glad you had a great weekend!!

Ginger said...

I had a nice Easter lunch at my house. Just one son was there and we were going someplace at 2 so we heated up some ham, steamed some asparagus and tossed a salad. Easter is a good holiday because the food doesn't require too much cooking!

Hey There Carole! said...

That is a wonderful dress and is perfect with the sandles.

StaceyKay said...

Purple is definitely YOUR color! Looks great.

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Rebecca said...

My husband and I tried a new place for Easter brunch. It was pretty fun.

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

What a beautiful dress- perfect for springtime! I spent Easter with my bf's family (including his 9 nephews and neices all under the age of 12!) Those shoes are great- you will get so much wear out of them! I think my parents were somewhat relieved I never chose to come home for the summer! ;)

Ashley said...

Ahhhhh you look so perfect and festive! Your Easter sounds very nice, as was mine! We didn't go to an Easter Brunch, but I made blueberry pancakes and bacon...which is good enough for me!

Shybiker said...

That's a lovely dress, perfect for the season.

brittneynsmart said...

okay, i'm officially in LOVE with watercolor florals. the print on that sucker is absolutely lovely and all things feminine. especially when i use words like "sucker" to describe it. heh. but seriously? you look fabulous. the epitome of spring.
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Deborah said...

We decided to have our own brunch with the young uns and then Rock Banded all day. Sounded like dead, not stray, cats. Ha!

Cute cute cute dress!

Sylvia Fanton Stewart said...

Very tardy responding to this but we DID go out to a nice brunch at Bistro Le Bon in Plaza Midwood. As a review I read promised, it looks like a 'dive' on the corner of a strip mall. Inside it is quite nice with lots of great art on the walls (for sale but not on my budget!). The brunch was ecclectic and they had some nice pastries but was quite disappointed as they ran out of their fabulous french toast right after I put in my order. The guys all had some (I did get one bit which may be all I was supposed to have!) and Erik enjoyed their Chocolate Belgian Waffles.

Jasonrogers69 said...