Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Hi All
Hope your week is going well so far.

I have been super busy at work.  This is my busiest time of year, yep, even busier than Christmas.  I guess everyone likes to give monogrammed graduation gifts.
If you have never checked out my website, go take a look  Silver Needle Designs

Anyway, here is a little outfit I wore this week while working away in my studio, or as my friends call it... the sweatshop.
Do you recognize the top??
It is from the Calypso Collection at Target

  1. Our toaster catching on fire and I was the only one in the house.  Managed to put it out pretty quickly, but man it was scary there for a second or two.
  2. The stench from above fire!  I have sprayed every kind of air freshener they make, burned every flavor candle and opened every window and door.  The smell just won't leave.
  3. While in drive through lane at Chick-Fil-A watching 2 elementary boys get into a fist fight on the playground while the grown ups haven't a clue.  The other kids around were all yelling, fight!-fight!-fight!
  4. As you know last Tuesday I picked son1 up from college.  On Friday he went back with a friend to the house that he will be living in this fall.  His plan was to be back on Sunday for Mother's Day.  Guess what... he still hasn't come back yet.  Was it something I said?
  5. Having a lovely Mother's Day lunch out with son2 and husband when out of the blue husband asks...would you like to go to a movie this afternoon?  What? A movie with the two of you?  I am thinking wow, they are actually going to break down and go see some chick flick with me!  Yea, right, I was in bizarro world for a moment.  Husband and son2 say at the same time,how about Furious Five.   I leave it to you to figure out what my answer was...
Told ya'll I will go barefoot whenever I can!

  1. While convalescing on the couch after my steroid shot I was flipping channels and came across The 25 Most Shocking Hoaxes.  WoW!  People are crazy.  It was like watching a train wreck, I just couldn't look away.
  2. Having dinner with a friend last night.  Okay, what is the politically correct way to say that?  Saying "a friend" sounds all kinds of shady.  Saying "a girlfriend" doesn't sound right either.  OOPs , maybe this should have gone into the awkward section.
  3. Going over to a friend's(here we go again)house this morning to help her organize her closet and put together outfits.  I am so stoked about this!
  4. Winning a giveaway this week over on Bon Bon Rose Girls.  Go check out what I won
  5. Finding a new artist that I now love.  A big thanks to Katie over on Running On Happiness for introducing me to Matt Wertz! I love being introduced to artists I have never heard of before.  Did you know about Matt?
 I tried a pale pink frosted lipstick. 
I think it just makes my lips look weird.

 Well, that's it for this week. 
Would love to hear any awkward or awesome moments you had this week or even a new artist you think I might like.

top-Calypso from Target


Mirror of Fashion said...

I'm going barefoot as often as possible. Especially love the feeling of grass under my feet.

Rebecca said...

That top is pretty. I haven't checked out the Calypso stuff yet.

Mirror of Fashion said...

I'm going barefoot as often as possible. Especially love the feeling of grass under my feet.