Friday, May 13, 2011

Girl, Stole My Look

Hello out there in bloggerland.  Have you been as frustrated as I have been with Blogger being down since last night.  Finally, we are back, but you are not getting my original Friend Friday post because it is somewhere out there in cyberspace thanks to ... Blogger

You do get the second part of my Friday Post... Girl, Stole My Look.  I know it should say a different word than girl, but I just couldn't bring myself to type that in. :)

My lovely friend, Emily, from Tinfoils Tiaras (remember she was blogger darling  not long ago) and I own the same dress and thought it would be fun to post our looks.
She is a hip 20something, I am a wannabe  cool 40something.

We realized we had the same dress back in January during the 30X30. Not only do we own the same dress, we both are country music fans, we both are connected to Dress for Success and we both have a love of pedicures.  I think she is my long lost daughter!

So without further ado, here are our looks

She went with fuchsia accents and a uptown look
I went with red accents and a classic look.
I think you can see from our styling that you really can make one dress look completely different. 
Learn from us and don't get stuck in a rut wearing the same old look over and over again.
Now get out there and steal someone's look!



Tracy said...

I love this dress. It looks great styled both ways. And I'm a big fan of Emily and YOU, of course. I am also a huge advocate for stealing looks. Being inspired by each other is important and helps us get a boost of creativity.

Well done!

Emily Brown said...

Hahah the title cracked me up! Not only do we have the same dress and similar interests, we have almost identical poses! My feet are pedicured and looking good these days- and you are looking so tanned- jealous! Grr Blogger- all the comments from Wed-onwards are floating in cyberspace somewhere!

Peggy said...

love it-great feature!  Fun!  You both look great 

Paula said...

I just love Fashion Police with Joan Rivers too!  And It is amazing how one dress can look so different!  Looks great on both of you~Paula 

Shoe said...

This dress looks great on the both of you and I love both kinds of styling!

Lyddiegal said...

You both look fab - I love your classic red belt, it's just so simple and elegant with the dress.

WendyBrandes said...

Not daughter, sister ;-)