Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thusday

Hey Kids!
How do you like the new blog design?? 
Pretty Awesome right!?
Well, what a perfect way to segue into Awkward and Awesome Thursdays....

  1. Took my netbook in for a "tune-up"  They found 640 viruses
  2. Going all the way to Costco for a particular item and realizing that you don't have your Costco card with you (they don't mess around, they wouldn't even let me in)
  3. At the Help Center where I volunteer we process clothes that come through for our thrift store.  I was going through a bag of clothing and chatting, not really paying attention to what I was pulling out of the bag.  Low and behold I pulled out the most disgusting pair of men's briefs ever seen!!!
    Needless to say they went right into the trash and I headed for the strongest soap I could find.
  4. Having a newbie by you in yoga class and they look to you for every move to make sure they are doing the right move.  It's just too much pressure!(especially when you fall out of a pose)
  5. Son1 getting a letter from school saying he owes dorm room damages.    

  1. The movie Bridesmaids!  If you haven't seen it, GO!  If you are sensitive just close your eyes for the first scene.
  2. Getting 2 weeks free of XM radio, oh how I have missed you.
  3. Finally getting a free movie ticket from using my movie rewards card.
  4. I pulled out my white leather bag to start using and ta da....$20 was in one of the compartments in the bag!
  5. My new blog design!!!  Thanks so much to Deb over on Inspired Design for all of her help and her lovely design.

Today I was going for a kind of tone on tone look.
I am still not sure I am loving these cropped pants.
I know I will not be buying another pair, but since I own them, I guess I should wear them.
Go enjoy your Thursday
I hope you all are anticipating the beauty of a long weekend.


Jodi at day2daywear said...

I love the new blog design!! and this outfit is totally cute on you.. I love the top and your shoes are awesome!!!  great outfit yet again.. thumbs up hotstuff!! xoxo J

Tracy said...

This new blog design is fantastic. Does she charge for these? How can I get one?

I always love reading your A&A Thursdays. You are so funny and honest. When I was an avid Yoga-lady, I used to be so irritated when people would come in late to class and put their mat super close to me. I need my space. I would sit there while we were supposed to have our eyes closed, meditating, with one eye open surveying the room to make sure no one was encroaching. haha. Very zen, I know.

Those pants are great. You could try doing a bit of a roll-up on the leg to see if that makes you like them more.


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Visiting via Inspired Design - she did an awesome job with the design of your blog :)

And it sounds like you've had an...interesting week. Briefs? YUCK! Lol

Kristin & Megan said...

Love the new blog design! Super cool look!

Writeitinlipstick.blogspot.com said...

I love the new blog design it looks awesome. first thing I noticed when I hopped on your site. 

Betty said...

I like them on you, Brett!  They hit your leg at a flattering place.

Dbchhower said...

Oh, and I DO like your new design--clean and uncluttered.

Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

Wow, great blog design...you looked wonderful in Wendy's Huffington Post article...you are soaring, girl!!

Hey There Carole! said...

Great job with the new blog design. And, cute outfit. I have very similar sandals in black.

Nuha said...

I LOVE finding money in old purses..it's like I hit the jackpot :)  Oh, and bridesmaids was hilariously funny :)

Lyddiegal said...

Great job with the new blog design!
640 viruses = time to get a mac ;)

Rebecca said...

Pink is your color!  I got charged for dorm damages because I forgot to change the height of my bed, back in the day.

Peggy said...

the new design is super duper awesome! I love it!!  Way to go!  Love the streamlined look.

Peggy said...

Oh and I love the pinks in your outfit-the pants look great on you!

Ginger said...

Either a Mac or a better security program! Do you run as an administrator on your netbook?

What don't you like about the pants? I think they look good 'cause you're straight through the hip/thigh area.  I'm curvy there and pants that length make my curves look more pronounced than I like.

silvrgurl said...

Oh Rebecca that was child's play compared to what these boys got charged for! I honestly don't know what they were thinking! Expensive life lesson for son to learn, but after having to pay himself I am sure it won't happen again!!!!

Debbyleesteele said...

Hi Brett,
Your outfit matches the new layout! So glad you are enjoying it and had a great response! I really want to see Bridesmaids, I hear it's hysterical and I could use a good belly laugh!! xo

silvrgurl said...

Ginger the netbook was a hand-me-down from son
I am pretty I inherited most of those viruses from him. He downloads all kinds of music,movies & tv shows. Plus it is about 4 yrs old. Time for an iPad I say! :)

silvrgurl said...

Ha thanks !
Exciting to be in Huff Post thanks to Wendy. You had that honor not long ago too right!?