Monday, May 23, 2011

Creepy Man at the Grocery Store

Hello all,
Hope you had a great weekend.  I am a bit behind on posting today.  What actually happens to all the hours in a day?  Does anyone really know?!

Well, I have a great little story for you about something that happened at the grocery store this weekend.  I was behind a big, burly man checking out.  For whatever reason there was a girl and I do mean girl, checking him out, one bagging the groceries and one being trained on same register.

At this store they always ask if you need help carrying your bags out to your car.  Big, burly man said, why yes he did need help.  The girls called for Jackson to come help big,burly man.  Big, burly man was NOT having Jackson help him out of the store!!!  He had some choice words for those girls not helping him and he left in a huff.

I was up next.  These poor girls were traumazied by big, burly man.  They just kept asking me if I could believe what he did.  I just listened and smiled politely and when they asked if I needed help carrying my bags to the car, I said... only if you call a cute fella over here to help me.  Those girls got a much needed laugh and seemed to be over big, burly man after I said that.

Big, burly man... if you are reading this, shame on you for tramauzing those sweet girls just trying to earn a little money!!

This is what I wore on Sunday. 
You certainly can't tell from these pictures, but the little t I have on is lime green.
I put it over top this fab sequin bottom tank. 
 As you know I am a sucker for sequins.
I like the combo of a little skirt and t for the warmer weather. 
 I was cool and comfortable all day long
I added some bracelets, earrings, and some big jeweled sandals.  With the racer back tank underneath the t, I opted to not add a necklace.

What fun things did you do this weekend?  Any crazy encounters??

sequin bottom tank-Bannana Republic
lime t- Loft
floral skirt-Loft


Stacey said...

Oh my, I might have said something to the man.  That's a little scary. 

You look fantastic in that outfit.  It's really flattering. :) 

Tracy said...

 Why are some men so gross? 

Anyway, love the sequin peeking out of that shirt. Great touch. 


Peggy said...

What a pretty floral skirt! 

Lyddiegal said...

I love your sequined tank too!
and creepy men. ugh. why are there so damn many of them?

Shybiker said...

Good story.  Pretty outfit.  A blogging double-header!

Rebecca said...

That's a cute skirt, and I'm glad you were nice to those girls.

Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!  It's really cute and I love the touch of bling with the sequins!  Great job!  I tell my daughter to watch out for those big burly men!!

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

What an awful burly man- karma will rear it's ugly head! On a positive note you look beautiful- I love the curls in your hair and that skirt is super cute!