Friday, May 20, 2011

Friend Friday: Blog Pet Peeves

This was inspired by a post by Beautifully Invisible from a couple weeks ago entitled "The 10 things that drive me crazy about your blog." But before you read it...
Here are 5 things that drive me crazy about a blog!

1.  Head chopping is the worst!  I believe I said it in another post I wrote.  Please don't cut off your head for your pictures.  We want to see all of you.  If you don't want your identity to be known, well, then you might want to rethink having a fashion blog with daily out fit photos.  I am just sayin!

2.  Taking pictures of yourself with a cigarette in hand or showing yourself lighting up in a photo.  Really, there are lots of younger people that read fashion blogs and it just doesn't send the right message.  I promise you that you don't look cooler in the picture!

3.  When telling a story on your blog, take a breath!  My eyes can't stay focused on a long paragraph and if my eyes can't stay focused, I promise you my brain has left the building.  Put in some breaks, pictures, you know... just breath.

 4.  Don't post the smallest pictures known to man.  Hey some of us have bad eye sight!  Even if your eyesight is 20/20 a small picture leaves out details of the outfit and really, how can we be impressed if we can't tell what you have on?!!  On the other hand... your photo's don't need to be life size.  Detail is nice, but I don't need to see if your pores or open or closed. :)

5.  Fashion Blogs are supposed to fun, bright and shiny.  I mean it is a fashion blog.  Don't throw down your political views, get on your high horse, soap box or behind your podium.  We don't need to log onto some agenda filled rant.  Well, sometimes a good rant is necessary, but you know what I mean. 

 Would love to hear what readers have to say about this.  Do I have something in my blog that drives you crazy?  Do you automatically leave a blog for some reason?  I want to know these things, not only because I am very nosey, but it will help me be a better blogger.

If you want to read what other blogger's pet peeves are check out Katy's blog over on Modly Chic

Have a great weekend!


Kileen said...

whew, good thing i'm not committing any of these pet peeves!!  and i agree that i like big pictures for fashion blogs too!

cute & little

Kimberlee VDW said...

haha love all the photos and you brought up a lot of great points that other bloggers haven't mentioned. If you don't want your identity known then why have a blog - very good point!

Beautifully Invisible said...

Wonderful responses.  I've been going through all of the posts and you have some unique answers.  About chopping the head off... if I ever post photos of myself they are accessory and shoe shots, so I apologize in advance  :)  It's the whole anonymous thing! ;)

Love the humor you injected into your responses. 

Beautifully Invisible said...

I am anonymous and it works for me.  Granted, I am not an OOTD blogger, but http://hellomonkeyface.blogspot.com/ is and she has found a great way to meld her anonymity with her outfit posts!

Kristin & Megan said...

I'm not a big fan of cigs in photos either!

silvrgurl said...

Anonymous is fine, just don't chop off your head and say you are a fashion
I think Hello Monkey Face is fab and focusing on items of an outfit is great
It's the whole headless photo that creeps me out.
Thanks for stopping by!

Betty said...

 Now I know why you are such a good blogger--you are the definition of FUN, BRIGHT, AND SHINY.

Shybiker said...

Good complaints.  I agree with all of them. 

There's nothing in your blog I dislike.  You and I have been blogging almost the same amount of time and we have an almost identical number of followers.  I guess that means we both must be doing something right!

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

This post cracks me up because I can relate to it.  Sometimes I tend to ramble but I try to keep it short and sweet.  I don't like blogs with music or tiny photos you need your magnifying glass to see! Have a great weekend Brett!

Debbie Baker Burns said...

Just checking out your answers.  It's interesting how we can all come up with some different things. 

Ashley said...

 I am so with you on the cigarette thing.  Major turn off.  Style blogging has reached a new level these days where ordinary people blog, and ordinary people read blogs.  I don't know what I'm getting at here.  There's no need to act "cool" by smoking or lighting up in your pictures.  Blah.

I chop off my head sometimes.  But only sometimes.  And I try to do it artistically, if there is an artistic way to chop off your head.  ;)

My biggest pet peeve is excessive numbers of photos in a post.  I posted eight today, which even made me cringe a little, but every now and then I suppose it's not too bad.  But constantly posting 10+ pics?  NOOOOOOOO.

Writeitinlipstick.blogspot.com said...

 I love your thoughts on the headless body that drives me insane. hahaha too funny. 

Paula said...

Brett~love your photos!  Especiallly the one of the smoking grandma!!!! Lol.  Headless pics though, have to agree.  Show us your smile!! 

Anna A Hodge said...

 i couldnt agree more with number five. love this so much. Would really appreciate if you could stop by and check out my latest post. Thanks love. xoxo

Deborah said...

Not to hurt any blogger's feelings, but the thing I dislike the MOST is MUSIC on anyone's blog. Annoying annoying annoying.

Trust me, as a music lover, NO ONE will like what you've picked. Well, maybe not no one, but not many of us. Only because music is so very subjective.

And some of us like to read our blogs on the sly, like at work. Hard to be discrete with music startling you!