Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Florals | Everybody, Everywear

Today over on Everybody,Everywhere
the theme is floral.

I was actually surprised when I went into my closet and discovered that I didn't really have that many floral items.  A couple tops, a pair of shorts and a couple of dresses.  I thought I had a lot more.  Anyway, I came across this little sundress that I have had forever.  I thought I  would give it a try today. 
Really not loving the shoes I picked, but no worries... 
they completely fell apart after a trip to the grocery store. 
They were given to me and were from H&M. 
This was the first time I had ever worn them and they were brand new.
I ended up moving picture locations because my neighbors had swarms of workmen in the their driveway.
I was not loving the vibe. :)
I added a floral pendant because hey...
it was floral day 
Along with that I choose some black and crystal bracelets
silver earrings.
Sorry I haven't been by many blogs lately.  It has just been weird around here lately and then my elbow trauma.  Last night I had every intention of getting on the computer and checking out your blogs.  Low and behold... no Internet service.  In fact it just came back on.  It has been down for about 16 hours.  That's just not right!

Hope your Tuesday is going well and you are inspired to try a floral look this week as well.

shoes-H&M(now in trash can)
earrings-Old Navy
bracelets- a bunch of random ones


Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

I was thinking how much I love your shoes and then they fell apart...too bad...your entire look is really fun!! It is just that time of year...I sense that may of us are overwhelmed...

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

I have a few things to say: 1) You were the first person I thought of for EBEW- it was fun! 2) I'm so sorry to hear about your elbow-ouch! and your ipod- what sweet sons you have! 3) I LOVE your sundress- pretty colours and I love those shoes too but I guess they just weren't meant to be!

Lyddiegal said...

what a cute dress, so spring feeling!

Kari Gulbrandsen said...

I think we're all having the same problem -- not enough hours in the day right now! somehow my google reader ballooned up to 900 and some posts! and I can't even find the time to write my blog posts. Anyway, I get skirts with an elastic waistband, and just pull them up! They don't have any other kind of a waistband, just elastic. Hope that helps!

ShellySaber said...

I love the black accents!

Betty said...

Cute dress and your hair looks so feminine. Agree about the shoes. Necklace is a VERY good accessory.

Betty said...

Cute dress and your hair looks so feminine. Agree about the shoes. Necklace is a VERY good accessory.