Monday, May 9, 2011

Stop Thief!

About a week ago someone stole my ipod right out of my car.  It was in the little compartment on the dash where you plug it in to play through the radio.  I almost always lock my car doors,but I must have forgotten on this occasion.  Just like that my ipod was gone!  Lucky for me, I had absolutely nothing else in my car but some lip gloss, hand sanitizer and breath mints.

Why am I telling you this sad tale?  Because, guess what I got for Mother's Day!  A new ipod!  Wow are those things small now.  I had the long thin nano before, now I have the postage stamp size one.  I do love the touch screen though.  I have to say it took me forever to load all of my music on to it.  I may need to update my library and get rid of some music.  Do I really need songs like, Genie in a Bottle and Toxic on there????

Hope you had a great Mother's Day if you are mom and that you got a great gift as well.  Would love to hear what you received!

Here is what I wore:

I have had this dress for a while now
and just always forget that I have it.
  Thought it was a fun dress to wear for Mother's Day.
I thought I might have to throw on my hot pink ruffled cardi, but the weather really warmed up on Sunday.
No need for much jewelry with the keyhole neckline.
I actually have some orange and pink sandals that I have worn with this dress before,
but I had no idea where they were hiding in my closet.
Here's to all the wonderful mom's out there!

dress-TJ Maxx


Peggy said...

what a cute dress with great colors!

Lyddiegal said...

that is so horrible your ipod got stolen -- and i always used to tell myself that no one would ever bother with mine since its so old...

anyway, your look lovely in those bright colors and i hope you enjoy the new ipod!

Rebecca said...

That is too bad that your ipod was stolen, but it was sweet of your family to get you a new one!

Stacey said...

I love that dress! Looks like something expensive out of the Boden catalog. Way to go!

Shybiker said...

I'm glad the iPod bad news turned into good news.

The dress is really cute. Youthful and colorful. If I could get away wearing it, I would, but I fear I'm too old and don't have anything like your terrific shape.

Hey There Carole! said...

That is a great little dress and you look fantastic in it.

Ginger said...

It's funny how something like an iPod can be a necessity. Mine got wet last summer and croaked. I was beside myself! I listen to it on my commute and when I work out and life just could not go on without it.

My husband had a Zune that he won at a trade show and I switched all my stuff to it while waiting for a birthday/christmas event so someone (namely my husband) could get me a new one. The Zune was alright but Apple has them beat hands down with the iTunes store.

I switched from an iPod Touch to a Nano and I still miss the Touch. My son has one and he's contemplating buying a smart phone this summer. I've already got dibs on his cast-off Touch.

Betty said...

That is the cutest dress and you look great in it!! I love it!