Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Puddle Jumper

We had another big storm here last night.  Everything is soaked.  Water is just puddling on my deck and everywhere else.  Great excuse to get out the Wellies!

Got son1 home safe yesterday.  We did have a moment when we didn't think everything would actually fit into the SUV.  We did leave the $5 GoodWill coffee table behind and a few unrecognizable items.  I am always amazed at how boys choose to live.  I suppose there are some girls that live in hovels too, but I think the boys corner the market.  Imagine walking into the dorm room and seeing nothing but black garbage bags everywhere.  This is how son1 and his room mates packed to go home.  Good thing about garbage bags... they can be shaped to fit any crack or crevice when packing the car.  The really sad thing about the garbage bag setting was that all the garbage was on the floor, tables, beds, sink.  Yep, everywhere except in a black garbage bag!

Here is my outfit for today.  I am celebrating the rain!

Pulled out my lovely Wellies, do you think Kate,The Duchess of Cambridge wears Wellies?  I am sure she does!

Wearing my fabulous gingham jacket
 I got at J. Crew that was already on sale
 and another 40% off. 
 I wasn't sure I would get to wear it until the fall.

With all of this black, navy and white I needed to add a little color.
  Decided to be a bit patriotic in light of currents events
 and went with the red scarf.

Sorry for the weird circle shadow in the pictures today.
I ablsolutley have NO idea what it is.
It was in every single picture in the same spot everytime
I need to go get the manual out again and read up.
Would you even know that I have owned this camera for years???

white t-GAP
navy gingham jacket-J. Crew
black jeans-White House/Black Market
red scarf-?


WendyBrandes said...

Nice touch with the scarf -- brightens it all up!

Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

One of my favorite outfits for you!! Great look!

Rebecca said...

That jacket is cute! I like the print.

Tracy said...

Gorgeous jacket, darling! Love the red scarf and wellies too. Such a different look from your last post. All sunny and leggy to all covered up. That's how it is in Northern California all Summer long. So, I completely relate.

Glad your boy is home and with his loving family!


Peggy said...

love me some gingham and soo cute with the rain boots! I am so tired of rain, but happy having some sun now! I hope you see some soon!

Stacey said...

Love your outfit! Perfect for this time of year when it's supposed to be warm but it's not.

Our younger son arrived home from Chicago Sunday night. My husband went up to get him and help him move out of the dorm. They actually rented a small space for the summer instead of moving all the stuff back. I question whether or not his junk is worth the small cost of the storage unit.

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

Oh I love this rainy day outfit! The Brits love their Hunter green wellies so you are right on trend! I'm glad son1 is home safe and sound!

Melissa Williams said...

looks great, love your wellies hehehe

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