Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A New Milestone Hit

This morning I am leaving to pick up son1 from his first year of college.  I honestly don't know where the year went.  It seems like I was just dropping him off in late August and trying to get used to the fact that I would only have son2 left at home to boss around. :)

I won't lie to you... I am a little worried about the smells I may encounter as the car is loaded up and we are driving home.  Son1 is not know for his impeccable laundry skills or for doing laundry at all for that matter.
The sunroof may be open all the way home.

I have heard it is quite an adjustment that first summer home for both parents and children young adults. 
Here's to a an interesting summer!

I wore this outfit yesterday.
It was another gorgeaus day here in Charlotte as you can tell.

As you can see, I am certainly getting my money's worth out of these thrifted wedges. 

I have had this skirt for quite a while
 and have worn it before
stating that I never know how to style it. 
 I think this look came off pretty well.

I decided not to belt the skirt becasue it has a really wide folded over waistband.
  I am always afraid that if I belt it
 the folded waistband and belt
will get into some kind of weird fight.

As you can see, once again my photo taking abilities are not that great.
If only I could control the sun!

shirt-Old Navy
necklace-Charlotte Russe


Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

Beautiful outfit and your hair looks amazing. I think every summer after my children began to go to college is an adjustment...there is a different stage each time. This summer my daughter will marry, son1 will move to Houston to work an internship for next fall semester, and son2 will move to college! Whew! The biggest adjustment will be my daughter moving to the other side of the world. You will get through...it does take patience to transition from mom in charge to mom as counselor! But, counselor and friend can be a lot of fun sometimes!

Shybiker said...

Hi Brett. I was wondering... did you get the name "Silvergirl" from the Paul Simon song?

Nlewis188 said...

I think that is a great outfit. I love tiered skirts and you are rocking this one.

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

What a perfect outfit for a sunny day! Your garden is almost as beautiful as that skirt! I remember quite well the strange smells the boys on my co-ed residence floor had in their rooms!

Rebecca said...

I like the skirt. The first summer home is an adjustment, but I'm sure son1 will be happy to see you and have some home cooked food!

Thriftygirlvintage said...

I always smile when I read you posts. I've done the son away and back home thing and we got right back into the pattern of my making him a snack each night. He loved it. Love your red wedges, red shoes in general are great! On another note, I'm spreading a little blog love around today. I was given the Blogger Luxury Award by Joandy of My Style by Joandy and I am now passing the award on to you! I'm not sure where the Luxury Blogger Award originated, but to me living below your means is a luxury because it's nice to have things you love without being stressed over how you're going to pay for them. You can find the rules for passing the award along on my post today, http://thriftygirlvintage.blogspot.com/2011/05/blogger-luxury-award-and-fifteen-frugal.html. Thanks for writing such an inspiring blog!

Paula said...

My youngest is graduating from college--and the summers were always a bit tough--lot of adjustments. The more adults you have in the house, the tougher it is--in some ways. And Pam is right--more counseling!
Love the ruffly skirt and the wedgies--you look adorable!

Lyddiegal said...

that skirt is adorable, love the layered ruffles!

Deborah said...

That color is really good on you - the top I mean.