Monday, May 2, 2011

Thrifty Is Nifty

Hello everyone!
Did ya'll have as gorgeous of a weekend as I did?  The weather was amazing!  Husband, son2 and I got lots of yard work done, but don't worry we still have a ton left and just in time for son1's arrival home.  Boy, won't he feel special that we saved some work for him!?

This is my outfit from Sunday.  We had a relaxing quiet day trying to recover from all of the hard labor we did the day before.  We enjoyed a nice lunch out and then son2 got a smart-phone.  You have never seen a happier kid!  I am thrilled because he never remembered his phone, but had his music with him no matter what.  Problem solved right?  Music and phone all in one.
I went with a maxi that I thrifted awhile back. 
 It is EXTEMELEY low cut, so I threw a cami on under it. 
To add a little color to this black and white ensemble
 I wore a melon color cardi, then put on my wedges
that were also a thrift store find.
I added the same color in a necklace and bracelet
tada... I have a cute spring look.

I know I have mentioned before how much I love the maxi trend. 
 It is just so easy, breezy to wear.

Got any suggestions of something else
 to put under this daringly low cut dress?
Would love to hear what they are.



Nlewis188 said...

That is a great outfit and I love how you added a pop of color.

Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

Brett, I love your dress...it is so cute!! We always have work for Son 1 when he returns from college! And I always feel guilty about it! But, he is a hard worker and likes to work outside...I just try to let him know that if he does do the work it is a blessings, but we don't demand that he does it.He is also a former linebacker and can lift anything...so we need him!! Come by and read the story I have up right now...it was a fun weekend!!

Thriftygirlvintage said...

Besides a cami, I have no idea. I love this maxi and the coral just sets it off.

Rebecca said...

You might be able to layer it over a fitted, colorful t-shirt.

Tracy said...

I love how you styled this dress, Brett. Gorgeous. I would try putting a shirt over it and belting it.

Betty said...

I, too, like the melon and black--and the espadrilles look great with it.

Melissa Williams said...

those shoes are so awesome what a great find. But I am like your son I never have my phone on me but I also never have my music on me either hehehe

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Kristin & Megan said...

Those wedges are a thrift score? They're fabulous!