Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

WoW!  How is it already Thursday?  Those 3 day weekends sure make time fly don't they?
Well, let's not waste any more time and go ahead and get started...

  • Son1 got a new phone on Tuesday evening.  Wednesday he played paintball.  Thursday morning he came downstairs asking where his paintball pants were because he had left his phone in the pocket.  Yep, you guessed it!  Efficient mom had thrown those muddy paintball pants into the washer already.  Who even knew paintball pants had pockets!
  • Wearing a new Yoga top to class and realizing about 15 minutes into the class that said Yoga top was not keeping the girls contained At All.  Spending the rest of the class pulling up the top after every Yoga position. 
  • Falling off the curb at CVS and going down hard!  Drink in hand: flying into the air, curse words: flying out of mouth, contents of purse: flying into the parking lot and son2: laughing his head off.  I suffered from a swollen, blue foot and a big 'ole 9 year old girl scrape to the knee.  I am fine, but oh how embarrassing! (ps...son2 did come over and check on me between laughs)
  • Pretty much knowing that someone is pregnant, but you just can't ask, because, you know.... what if they aren't.  I kind of stalked this person all afternoon to see if anyone would say something about it and no one did.  I was even too chicken to ask other co-workers for fear that she wasn't.... but she has to be!!!
  • Specifically ordering a pizza without certain toppings/ingredients.  Receiving that pizza with every topping/ingredient on it that you asked to be left off.  Good news... they not only made us a new pizza, they let us keep the messed up pizza.  Two sons at home were happy with that mistake! 

  • Pajama Day... do you ever have those?  We had one in our house on Memorial Day.  We all stayed in our pajamas all day and read, watched movies and even grilled out on the deck in our pajamas.  Pajama Days are the best!
  • Getting an email saying your CMA Fan Fest tickets have just shipped!
  • Scoring a super cute pair of sandals from the GAP that were on sale and an additional 40% off
  • Being chosen to be in Wendy Brandes' article in The Huffington Post
  • Thrifting 2 J.Crew polos for son1.  Total cost $6  Original cost $42.50 each
This is one of those outfits that came together with no thought whatsoever. 
 This skirt is tricky because of how low it sits on the hips and having that built in tie.
  I did the new "trend" of tucking in the front of my shirt and leaving the back untucked. 
 Worked like a charm.
The jewelry looks very matchy, matchy in these pictures.
  In actuality the blues were all very different hues and played well off each other. 

On another note,
 a friend of mine posted this video clip asking if anyone else felt like this since their college kid came home.  I thought it was hilarious and wanted to share it with you.

Now getta outta here and go make your kid some meatloaf!

top-Banana Republic
sandals-Rack Room
necklace-Old Navy


Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

Cute outfit, Brett!  Never fear, I win the AWKWARD award for the week since I fell at a resturant and broke a rib...the AWESOME part is that Son2 was NOT there!!

Shybiker said...

Very pretty top.  You have such a good eye for clothes.

Day2daywear said...

Hey beautiful.. I love this top on you and love the link to my outfit yesterday.. so cool!!  and I am totally in agreement with those stoopid yoga tops that are not meant for people with gaazooongas!! I had the same experience.. the top I bought seemed pretty fitted and snug and all that.. well then when I was in Bikrams class my whole time was spent adjusting the darn thing so the GIRLS werent all hangin and danglin.... half the people in that class are pretty much nekid anyway, but no thanks!!!

and I love Will Ferrel... my all time favorite movie is Anchor Man..  I laugh just as much everytime I watch it!!! LOL have a super day!! xoxo J

Stacey said...

Oh my gosh.  This is an awesome post all the way around.

Your awkwards are all things I have experienced. Yes, I have actually washed the phone in the paintball pants.  What are they thinking leaving those greasy pants on my wood floor anyway?

The awesomes sound like fun.  My awesome this week is shopping for granite and appliances. Plus, yesterday was my first day of summer vacay!!

About the meatloaf...I'm trying to convince my sons that I don't cook every day anymore.  Hmm, it's not working. Yesterday Son2 asked me what I do all day.  Really?  I told him it's my first day of summer!!  Oh yeah. 

Rebecca said...

We do pajama and movie days here, usually when it is cold or snowy and we don't want to leave the house.

Kristin & Megan said...

That is literally my favorite part of Wedding Crashers! And you look gorgeous. That print is so pretty!

silvrgurl said...

Yea we do them more in the winter too
I think everyone was just beat & didn't feel like doing anything. Some times you just need a day like that to re-group :-)

silvrgurl said...

I am so happy to know I am not the only one that didn't know about pockets in paintball pants.
See if I wash anymore of his clothes. ;)

Woo Hoo a kitchen remodel. How exciting!

Don't you just love that, like our only job is to wait around on them. They will learn soon enough I guess

silvrgurl said...

I don't even have big girls, so I can't imagine what people go through that do. ITA about some of the yoga attire worn. What are they thinking?

silvrgurl said...

Thanks for the compliment!

silvrgurl said...

I will give you the award, but at least you actually tripped on something. I just fell off the curb. lol
Hope the rib is feeling better!

Betty said...

You definitely LOOK awesome and not a bit awkward, even if you do have a scrape on your knee.  I can't believe you did that, and right before your big week in Nville.  Glad it wasn't worse!!  That is a very good look and you rock the color--it is yours.  The length of the skirt is good for you, too.  Elongates your legs.  ANd yes, I have washed C's new phone in his sweats pocket and thouoght I would have to replace it until we put it in rice for a few days, and it worked!!!


Writeitinlipstick.blogspot.com said...

falling down in public is the worst. I feel for you. 

Tracy said...

I love Thursdays because I get to read about all about your awkward/awesome adventures. Sorry about the wicked spill you took. Glad you're feeling better.

You look great in that color. Also, the front tuck is a great tool. I use it all the time.



Lyddiegal said...

I will never understand what is so funny about someone falling. Sorry you took such a bad spill and had it accentuated with laughter. no fun.

and which sandals did you get? inquiring slightly gap obsessed minds need to know.

silvrgurl said...

I forgot you did wash his phone
Yea, the stupid skinned knee will take forever to disappear. I thought those things ended after you stopped taking dares on your bicycle!!

silvrgurl said...

Thankfully no one else was in the parking lot at that exact moment
So embarrassing!

silvrgurl said...

I love the front tuck now! Will be using it quite a bit now that I have discovered it's wonderfulness
Hope you are feeling better these days and that the hubs is home now

silvrgurl said...

Honestly, I would have laughed if it would have been someone else. Especially when son2 starred recapping the incident. I am sure he wishes he would have had the flip cAm with him lol

The sandals are the skinny gladiators in gold
Originally $45, I got them for $16. I can't wait to break them in!

Deborah said...

Sorry about the spill, but so glad about your photo in the slide show! That is so fabulous!

Peggy said...

This shirt is adorable and that color blue looks great on you!  Oh that fall - I feel so bad for you! I've fallen hard too in public-awful!  No way -look at you featured in that maxi skirt article- LOVE it!