Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! 
At least I think it is Thursday. 
With all of my crazy traveling, I rarely know what day it is anymore.
Just super casual today because I am working in the studio trying to play catch up.

  • The sunburn on my head is finally peeling.  Big chunks of grossness floating around in my hair.  Took me about an hour to finally realize what was going on!
  • Trying to spell out Happy Father's Day in chocolate chips because the only ice cream cakes available said Happy Birthday on them.  Trust me when I say it just looked like a bunch of random black dots on the top of the cake.
  • Unpacking my suitcase and discovering that my hairspray had exploded.  Thankfully I had packed it inside a ziplock bag with other items that could have potentially exploded.  What a sticky mess.
  • On my way out the door for a fun evening with friends and stepping in dog poo on the way to the car.  Dog poo and espadrilles don't make a good combination.
  • Son2 going out to the garage to get a bottle of Snapple and almost stepping on a big old snake.  Smart kid immediately just chopped it's head off.  Turns out it was a Mangrove Snake.  People keep them for pets.  Thank goodness son2 didn't know that before he chopped the head off!
  • Having so much fun with friends that we closed down the restaurant at least an hour after it was supposed to close and spending the rest of the night talking in the middle of an empty parking lot.
  • Getting a dress I have wanted since the first day I saw it in the magazine ad and every time I passed by it in the window at Banana Republic.  I finally got it!  Last one in my size, 40% off.  Yea me!
  • Husband and sons1&2 making our itinerary for our trip out to LA next week.
  • Looking forward to date night with husband on Saturday to celebrate our 26th anniversary.  I will be wearing above mentioned dress!
  • Finally moving and putting away a giant pile of clothes in my room and finding $25 underneath the pile.  Not only is my room now tidy, I am rich!

I got these great boyfriend shorts at the Loft outlet while in Florida.
I remembered I had a rewards card and so they ended up costing me only $4.
Bad lighting inspired me to try my hand at using a colored frame for this picture.

Have an awesome Thursday today and stay away from dog poo and snakes!

top-Banana Republic
shorts-Loft Outlet
kicks-gifted from a friend that bought them in London for me
earrings& watch-gifted


Ashley said...

I love your short!  They're loose but not loose enough where they look sloppy, you know?  Perfect for a warm summer's day (not like I'd know what one of those are...).

That talk of snakes creeped me out.  What did he cut off its head with?  His bare handz?!?  I'm imagining all sorts of things right now!  Did you hear about the snake house in Idaho?  House built on a snake nest.  Snakes all over the place.  And, as you know, I am TERRIFIED of them.  Ugh!

silvrgurl said...

He used a shovel that just happened to be leaning against the wall in the
I will take a snake over a roach any day. Crazy huh?
Hope you get a warm day soon!

Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

Love the last picture!!!  Cute shorts and the snake story made me cringe...I always worry I will find one in the garage!!

chantele cross-jones said...

Love the bumble bee necklace! So cute!
Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home

Stacey said...

Really great pictures! 

Lyddiegal said...

Oh your poor espadrilles!! Glad the incident didn't seem to spoil your night.
And if I saw a snake i'd freak out, but no way would i be able to decapitate it... haha.

Rebecca said...

Happy anniversary!  Head sunburns are the worst.  So uncomfortable, and gross when they peel.

Kristin & Megan said...

Ouch...That sounds painful! Love the striped tee!

revasrags2roses ford said...

You are so much fun! And the outfit from yesterday was soo awesome!
My oops moment kinda involved a faux poop accident...........
Let's just say eating Milk Dud's in the hot car = dark, gooey splats on the floor that stick to my shoes :)

silvrgurl said...

lol@ your milk dud incident. I have had a melty chocolate
Incident before as well. Can be very embarrassing!

silvrgurl said...

A peeling head is the worst!

silvrgurl said...

Yea, a little dog poo wasn't going to stop my girls night out!!

silvrgurl said...

I know right
I saw that necklace & had to have it
Lucky me, it was on sale!

silvrgurl said...

Yea son2 is very reluctant to venture out & water our garden. Lucky we have had rain lol

Nan @ Hey there Carole said...

OMG regarding the snake... I can take most of nature but not snakes. Can't wait to see the dress.

Tracy said...

First of all, I almost bought that exact top and after seeing how freak'n cute you look in it, I might go get it. Single white female, much? Watch your back. haha.

Secondly, on a relating to your dog poo incident. While in Rome, I slipped on a pile of dog poo and while I was plummeting to the ground, my father inlaw tried to save me but instead stabbed me in the eye with his fingernail. Not only was I covered in poop from head to toe, but I had to spend the evening in the emergency room to deal with an abrasion on my cornea and I had to wear an eye patch for the next 3 days. Not so cute. haha.


betty said...

That is totally nuts!!!!  I didn't know this about you!

Peggy said...

missed this one - adorable!!

Deborah said...

I love your hair this way. Was it hard to do?

silvrgurl said...

Yea, I had a pair of shorts very similar but they just never looked right.
I think these do the trick
son2 used a shovel to cut off the snakes head

silvrgurl said...

I love that necklace too
Came across it and it was on sale~ had to have it

silvrgurl said...

head peel is beyond gross!!!!

silvrgurl said...

I think your poo story is WAY worse than mine. Just freaked husband out a
little cleaning it off in front of him He is such a wimp!
I seriously love this top and wish I had gotten it in another color!

silvrgurl said...

was my hair hard to do??
girl, i just twisted it and used a hair clip, seriously it took about .25
seconds! :)