Wednesday, June 22, 2011

After All These Years

If you aren't familiar with that title, it is from a song by Journey. I used it today because today is my 26th wedding anniversary. Husband and I were college sweethearts! I am not sure where the heck time goes, but it is hard to imagine that we aren't still those two fresh faced young kids. We have been through many things together and we are still excited about the adventures ahead!

I have worn an outfit similar to this before.
  This time I wore a different pattern shorts and paired it with a white belt and silver jewelry.

Remember my fabulous gold sandals I got at GAP for a song?  Well, while in Nashville they completely fell apart. 
I was able to take them back,
but they were all sold out of the gold,
so I ended up with these cute melon colored ones. 

 Husband and I will celebrating our anniversary this weekend
as he is in Atlanta and I am having a girls night out tonight.  
I promise to take some anniversary pics.

Hope you all have a great day and are spending it with a special someone in your life!

ps...was anyone else having problems loading pics to blogger today?
I ended up having to use html
not a good thing for me!

belt-White House/Black Market
bracelets-as many silver ones as I could find in my jewelry
earrings-Old Navy


Peggy said...

Get out!! It's our anniversary too!  20 years - a big one!  Your sandals are so cute- I love that color!

Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

I am looking at your beautiful young face and thinking wow...we have been married the same length of time!  I never would have guessed that...in December will be our 26th anniversary...so you actually have a little time on me!  Congratulations and enjoy some celebrations!

Tracy said...

Happy Anniversary darling. 26 years! That's fantastic. As you know, me and hubbie just celebrated our 21st on 6/16. June brides, you and I. So much in common.

You look cute as a button in that outfit. I will be checking back for Anniversary night pics.

Have a wonderful celebration.


Rebecca said...

The melon is really pretty, but it's too bad that the gold ones fell apart.

Shybiker said...

Great outfit.  Very youthful.

LiseMarie said...

I recognized the title right off!  :)   Happy anniversary also and may I say you look fun and wonderful!


Debby said...

Happy Anniversary to you and the hubby, Brett! 26 years is something to celebrate. I love your shorts, I bought a similar pair from the Loft, (pink), and get a lot of compliments whenever I wear them. Love the flower in your mouth... you are just too darn cute! Your deck is so pretty... I would sit out there all day! 

Elisabeth Carr said...

Happy anniversary! And I love your cute printed shorts. Sad about the gold sandals but the melon ones do go so well with the shorts ;) 

silvrgurl said...

No Way... you are June 22?

silvrgurl said...

Yea, Pam, I got married when I was about 10!!!
Are you buying that????

silvrgurl said...

Hard to believe we are old married women!
Where did the time go???

silvrgurl said...

I know I loved those gold shoes and they went with everything
I guess it just wasn't meant to be

silvrgurl said...

Yea, us old school people remember!
I think anyone else only ever heard of Journey because of Randy Jackson on
American Idol LOL

silvrgurl said...

We LOVE our deck! It has been finished about 3 years now
I know, I get compliments on those shorts whenever I wear them.
Was worried at first that they were too short for my age, but they just fit
so darn nicely!

Julie Spitler said...

I love your shorts! I have been trying to add more unique shorts to my collection. These are fabulous!



Terri said...

Happy anniversary!  I like the replacement sandals with these shorts.