Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not A Worry In The World, A Cold Beer In My Hand

I have to start off my blog today by telling you that on the plane to Destin, I got to see yet another celebrity.
If you follow me on twitter you know that I had tweeted that the dude sitting across from me looked just like Maks Chmerkovskiy.  I just couldn't help but keep looking at him all through the trip. When the dude sitting in front of husband got up and looked just like Maks' brother, Val, I was especially curious.  When our plane started taxing in I checked to see what Maks had last tweeted.  Ta Da... he had tweeted that he was indeed on a plane going to Ft. Walton.  I was beyond excited.  He is my absolute favorite on Dancing With The Stars.
I thought he had hurriedly gotten off of the plane and left, but there he was in baggage claim.  I went up to him and asked if he was indeed Maks.  He was very nice, introduced me to his brother and said he was there for a dance show in Pensacola.  Let me just say that he is even better looking in person and very soft spoken.  Everyone has asked if had his shirt on, because he is known for taking his shirt off on the show. LOL  He was wearing a tank top.

Well, my trip was already off to a great start and it had only been 2 days since my last celebrity sighting. :)

The beach was beautiful, the water gorgeous and the weather fabulous!
We were there with husbands family. 
 His 4 brothers and sisters, wives, husbands, kids and mother.  It was quite a large group.

Ha, a rare photo of me in a swimsuit!
My two nieces. 
 I try to get a girl fix when I am with them since I am always surrounded by boys at home.
Husband and I enjoying a little beach time together.
  Son1 and son2 did not come on this trip. 
 They stayed home and worked.
A little fun at a restaurant where we ate while in Destin.
After we left Destin we drove on to Mobile where much of my family is. 
 A Father's Day photo of me, my dad, my sister and my brother.

I can't leave out my other niece in Mobile.
We had a little girly, girl time together as well

We got back Sunday night and I must say the boys did a nice job of cleaning up whatever shenanigans went on while we were away. 
 I am sticking to ignorance is bliss!

I will be back to OOTD posts tomorrow.

Have a great Tuesday!


Tracy said...

OMG OMG OMG!! I love Maks. He's so gorgeous. I love that you went up and said hello. I would totally do that too.

You should post more bathing suit photos. If I looked like you in a suit, I wouldn't wear anything but a swim suit all the time. Amazing! Again, husband gets how lucky he is, right?


Kristin & Megan said...

Love your swimsuit lady! So cute!

Ashley said...

You make such a cute family!  And OMG @ Maks!  I don't really watch Dancing With the Stars...but I might have caught an episode or two just for him back in the day.  I've never seen his brother.  Is he younger or older?  Maybe right around my age, lookin' for a fine little lady to love up in MN?  Yeah, that sounds about right.

Terri said...

How many celebrities in your collection now?  You look great in the suit!

Shybiker said...

Celebrity sightings are so exciting!  And I'm stunned at how great you look in that swimsuit.  I'm deeply, deeply envious. :)

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

I'm not sure who Maks is but he sure is cute! You and your hubby look great together and I love your outfit with the pink shirt you wore to the oyster restaurant! I am really envious of your vacation, I need a break, only 1 month until I start jetsetting!

Writeitinlipstick.blogspot.com said...

I dont know who that celeb is, but that's way cool to meet a celeb. You look great and I have to say I still cant get use to how awesome your blog looks now.

silvrgurl said...

Tracy, he is more gorgeous in person!
I think the stars and sun and moon and waves were aligned just right for
that swim suit shot
Probably won't ever see another one!

silvrgurl said...

I am pretty sure he is younger. He was traveling with a dancer. Don't know
if she was his girlfriend or not.
A hot Ukrainian guy.... you for it girl!

silvrgurl said...

My goal is that whenever I travel I always need to see a celeb. Crazy that
I usually do. Then my friend saw Brad and Angelina in NYC. My celeb streak
dried up for a while, but it is back in full force now!

silvrgurl said...

Maks is on Dancing With The Stars, not sure if you would get that in
Canada. He was also the bachelor on that show in the Ukraine. I like the
way you think... jetsetting it is!